Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

    Flutter is a revolutionary app development framework from Google that produces applications for the web and mobile platforms with smooth animations, eye-catching designs, and great performance. Our Flutter app developers help businesses cross the chasm from single-platform applications to comprehensive multidevice apps with appealing UI and smooth performance.


    If you want to build an app with a Flutter development company, Infowind is the right option for you. We offer scalable, faster-to-develop applications and a great native experience to users globally with our best-in-class flutter app development services.

    Popular Applications Built using Flutter

    eBay Motors

    They stumbled upon Flutter, which was in its 1.0 version at the time and thought it perfectly suited their goals. The main advantages included almost none platform-specific code, fast programming, and awesome UI.


    Tencent’s use of Flutter has helped them reach a wide range of users. Their goal is to make products that are seamless and beautiful for all platform users. They use Flutter to create faster, better built software across multiple platforms.

    Philips Hue

    Two apps made by Philips Hue use the Flutter framework for their mobile controllers: Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth. Both of these mobile controllers allow users to change the lights’ tone and synchronize lamps with their media kits.


    Finnkino is a cinema chain owned by the Finnish government. The chain operates 40 movie theatres in Finland, and this app allows users to browse a list of films at each individual theatre. 40% of the app’s code is shared between Flutter web and Android/iOS applications.

    Cryptomaniac Pro

    Finance app reflects minute cryptocurrency data, including a user’s history of currency transactions and the news about the most important cryptocurrencies. This app was built in Flutter, that allowed its creators to be ready to offer the service within two months.

    The New York Times

    Flutter, a Google-made software development kit (SDK) that allows programmers to create cross-platform mobile apps and web apps, was used by the New York Times to create a KenKen game that was made available online in 2019.

    Mark your digital footprints with Flutter App Development

    At Infowind Technologies, we are prominent in developing and delivering cutting-edge flutter applications. Our team has built 20+ apps for small and mid-size industries, large enterprises, funded startups, and unicorns. A flutter app development company can definitely elevate your business growth and help you in reaching out to your audience digitally.  Our experienced Flutter developers practice Agile methodology to deliver innovative solutions in time.

    Flutter App Development Services at Infowind

    – App prototyping and wireframing
    – User experience and product design
    – Mobile application develop

    Why Choose Flutter for App Development?

    If we talk about performance, Flutter performs 60 frames per second compared to the native’s 24 frames per second. This makes Flutter way better than native when it comes to performance.


    Flutter also provides more flexibility in UI designing because of its Skia drawing library which is used by Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., so there are no compatibility issues between different platforms.


    Hot Reload is the most important feature of Flutter that helps developers to improve productivity by 20 times and reduces the amount of time spent on debugging.


    We are a team of Flutter app developers with experience and expertise in delivering high-end business solutions on several frameworks and technologies.


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    What's new in Flutter 2.0?

    Flutter 2 is a new version of Flutter, a developer tool for creating apps for both mobile and desktop platforms. Flutter 2 allows developers to create apps that are both fast and portable, requiring little or no modification between platforms.

    Is Flutter useful for mobile application development?

    Flutter, an app development framework, has become quite popular among developers across the world. It is designed to create robust mobile apps with minimal programming time.

    Is Flutter a better option than React Native?

    Flutter and React Native both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Yet since Flutter enables rich widgets, better performance, etc., it is widely considered the future of mobile app development industry experts have claimed.

    What are the development costs related to developing an app using Flutter?

    The cost of developing an app with the Flutter platform depends on many factors such as the development platform, the categories and complexity of your app, the location of the developer, and the number of features in your app. [CTA] Contact us to get more information