What makes flutter ideal for MVP development?

September 15, 2022

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Flutter has constantly been growing and is successfully winning the hearts of developers. It comprises all the elements that an ideal cross-platform framework has. Its ability to offer relatively native-like app performance and develop robust applications in a short period has amazed the world.

In fact, its latest release, Flutter 3.0, has garnered attention and made people go gaga over this technology due to its incredible updates and features.

According to data published by Github, flutter has constantly been thriving all around and has received nearly 144k stars due to its indefinite demand in the market by startups, SMEs, and tech giants such as Alibaba, Coach yourself, and many more.

When compared to other frameworks such as React Native, flutter has thrived in the market. If we observe the search list on Google Trends, the data for the past 12 months depicts that the red line (React Native) has been going down the slope with the decrease in demand, whereas the blue line (Flutter) has been constantly rising exponentially due to the surge in demand.


You can observe that there’s a massive difference in their demands due to the distinction of the features that these technologies offer.

These stats would sway your mind and would you gravitate towards flutter for developing cross-platform mobile applications?

If you’re contemplating developing mobile applications, besides, you’d definitely consider it for MVP development by the end of the blog.

Before jumping in, this blog would also impart enough wisdom on why flutter is the best for mobile applications, what MVP is, and why you should consider flutter for MVP development.

You can observe that there’s a massive difference in their demands due to the distinction of the features that these technologies offer.

These stats would sway your mind and would you gravitate towards flutter for developing cross-platform mobile applications?

If you’re contemplating developing mobile applications, besides, you’d definitely consider it for MVP development by the end of the blog.

Before jumping in, this blog would also impart enough wisdom on why flutter is the best for mobile applications, what MVP is, and why you should consider flutter for MVP development.

Is Flutter best for cross-platform app development?

There are countless benefits of using flutter for app development by most startups and small and large enterprises.

Here are a few notable advantages that flutter adds to mobile app development.

1. Single codebase

Developers don’t have to write codes for developing applications for multiple platforms. Instead, they can write code for once and it will work for each platform that can run on both android and iOS.

It ends up saving bucks and time. The overall cost of app development gets reduced which makes it preferable for most developers.

2. Dart programming language

Dart is an object-oriented language that’s used by flutter. The flutter-based applications are developed with Dart. Its key features are a huge standard library, async awaits, generics, strong typing, and garbage collection,

Often, the Dart is related to java due to similar features that it incorporates and its reactive programming style makes it preferable over other frameworks for developing simple applications.

3. Relatively native-like performance

The usability of Dart by flutter for app development makes it quite simple and easy to develop applications that end up delivering native-like app performance that’s easy to get compiled into native code.

It outperforms the app’s performance of other cross-platform frameworks.

4, Hot Reload Feature

Hot Reload feature is the notable feature of flutter that enables developers to see the amends in code in real-time. The developers can instantly have the access to see the updates. They don’t have to hang on to see updates and can code further without any intrusion.

It ends up saving the time of the developers and enables them to develop robust applications in a short span.

5. Customized widgets

Flutter offers an abundance of widgets to break down and accelerate the development of basic user interfaces.You do have to create the user interface element for once and boom you’re good to go!

It will automatically adapt to different screens, resolutions, and platforms and do have the access to nest one widget over another to enjoy multiple functions.

7. Develop applications for web and mobile

The leverage of using flutter for app development is to develop an application that can easily be adapted to different platforms.

With the flutter 3.0 update, developers can now create applications for all six platforms, including Linux, Windows, Web, Android, MacOS, and iOS. Isn’t it awestruck?

What exactly is MVP and how can it benefit the process of app development?

Often, a minimum viable product is considered the foundation of a mobile application as it allows developers to do extensive app testing ahead of its launch in the market.

It’s done to ensure that the app serves its purpose to the users with its stand-out features and also it helps to take the notable feedback from the users.

It’s a great way to gauge the application to ensure that the users are content with the app. In addition, it does answer the most popped-up questions such as the response that it will receive of the product from the market, its certain segments that require some fixations, and its performance.

The competition in the app development market is getting more intense and fierce making the launch of MVP in the application an integral aspect of the development process. The notable aspect of launching MVP is to figure out whether your app stands out from the crowd and is a great way to discover the easy path to access to real user experience.

Here are a few crucial reasons why most startups and businesses prefer launching MVP:

1. Best way to assess an app’s performance

It’s an awesome tool to evaluate the app’s performance and to ensure that the app’s development is heading in the right direction by making the most of the latest trends and technologies.

The users’ feedback is the best way to gauge an app’s performance and to service the conclusion of whether launching the minimum viable products turns successful. In addition, you can assess the app’s success rate and if some amends are required, you can do it in the early stage of development without any fuss.

2. Better identification of security issues

If you’re developing an application that stores users’ data or stores their payment details, here the MVP plays a critical role as it will massively assist you in picking up any security flaws and resolving them.

In addition, when you catch the bugs in the early stage of development, you’d end up developing a bug-free application that will contribute to boosting the conversion rates with ease of navigation.

Who doesn’t want to have a bug-free application?

3. Validation of idea

Imagine you have spent your valuable time and hard-earned money on developing an application for months without even receiving any possible feedback or validation. Would that make any sense to you?

Of course not. Nobody would think of investing their time in app development without receiving any valuable feedback.

With MVP, you get to receive valuable feedback from users in the early stages of development, which will help you incorporate the features into the application to enhance the user experience.

As mentioned above, your idea of app development gets validated in the early stage of development and ensures that you meet the objectives diligently. MVP can assist you to gauge the flaws of the app and fix them if deemed necessary.

4. Time and cost-efficient

MVP development significantly saves time in app development as MVP helps to determine whether your efforts were with the investment and have produced successful results. In addition, the cost of MVP development is quite low as it can efficiently build the application in a short span while working seamlessly on both iOS and android platforms

How is flutter the best framework for MVP development?

MVP is a great asset for businesses and startups to gather valuable feedback and reach audiences more effectively.

It’s done by selecting a few bunches of users for feedback and better validation of ideas in the market. The application is launched with all the necessary features in the market.

1. Develop a cost-efficient application

It’s evident that flutter helps developers develop cost-effective applications due to its ability to create applications with a single codebase.

You’d end up hiring a team of developers to develop the application for both Android and iOS instead of hiring two teams of developers. You don’t have to pay for two teams of developers; it counts as a big investment.

You’d save some bucks. In addition, the abundance of widgets makes it easy for the developers concerning UI.

It’s a great help for developers to create useful integrations and export the designs directly into the codes.

The overall cost of app development gets reduced as the cost of hiring multiple developers gets diminished. You also end up getting feature enriched, high performance with an appealing user interface in the application. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

2. Excellent native performance

When developing applications for cross-platforms, every developer desires to develop an application that can deliver native-like performance. However, it isn’t easy to develop applications that can give a native performance on a tight budget.

You do have to spend a bomb to hire iOS and Android developers who can develop native applications. It’s quite an expensive and tedious process where you either have to develop hybrid applications at the expense of performance and user experience when tight on budget or have to overspend to ensure that hybrid applications end up delivering relatively native-like performance.

On the contrary, the bright side of developing applications with flutter is that you get an application with incredible performance and the applications can run on natively compiled code without any use of interpreters.

When you launch the MVP, you won’t come across any fuss and don’t have to bother about the native experience as it will end up delivering an application with a native experience.

3. Accelerated development process

The hot reload function of flutter enables developers to see the amends in real-time resulting in speeding up the process for app developers.

If your app gets developed in less time without any hassle, the launch of MVP in the application would get done at a fast pace where you can easily carve out more time to market.

4. Direct integration with firebase

In flutter, you don’t have to fret about the separate backend for MVP as it has a derelict integration with Firebase. Firebase offers tons of useful services involving cloud functions, hosting, authentication, real-time databases, cloud storage, and many more.

In addition, the firebase remote configuration enables you to make instant amends in the app where you don’t have to wait for the play store to do.

You don’t have to invest time and resources for backend development and can use it in integration with tools such as Fastlane to automate the development process.

5. Attract investors

Flutter delivers the best performance in the application which is a bright side to attracting investors. You can easily launch the MVP in the application to validate the idea and can pitch it to the investors.

In addition, you do get your application with an appealing user interface and native experience.

6. High flexibility

The notable feature of flutter is its high scalability and flexibility. The developers can develop feature-enriched applications and flexible user interfaces to enhance the user experience. It works the best in cross-platform applications.

Needless to mention, you also get the option widgets for material design and default animation, customization, and modification to discover ways to make your flutter application more delightful.

7. Minimized resources

You don’t have to get access to a host of resources while launching MVP as flutter is directly integrated with firebase which enables developers to easily integrate features involving storage functions, hosting, analytics, and many more.

In addition, it has got some brownies such as high reliability, low cost, low learning curve, ideal MVP, and hugely supportive community group making it an ideal option for launching MVP and app development and launching MVP.

If you want to look up an ideal application that has launched, MVP is Instagram. Instagram’s MVP was launched into the market when the market was crowded with image and video editing software.

Instagram was just a photo-sharing platform with basic filters back then. However, its MVP launch set it apart from the competition.


Undeniably, flutter is an ideal framework for app and MVP development due to its low-cost functionality, and its massive ability to build an interactive, user-friendly, and robust application with awesome features, and seamless functionalities.



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