7 Reasons To Choose Flutter for App Development

July 9, 2022


Earlier, there was an abundance of popular frameworks used by developers, such as Xamarin, Ionic, and Phonegap.

Later, various cross-platform apps came onto the market, such as React Native. One of the in-demand cross-platform frameworks which gained immense popularity in just a short period of time is flutter.

You’d be amazed to know that Flutter had more than 2 million users in 2018 for its unique functionalities and features.



The foremost reason behind its increase in popularity was that it incorporated elements from both native development and cross-platform development models.

In fact, since the launch of its first version, it has been used in more than 1,00,000 applications. Some of the prominent examples are the New York Times, eBay, Google Assistant, and many more.

As it was used by big tech companies, it gained more popularity. This enticed many startups and companies to use this framework in app development.

As a result, many app developers used flutter for quick delivery of the product into the market.

The benefits of using flutter in app development are enormous. Let’s break it down!

1. High Performance


Flutter is widely known for its great performance in comparison to other cross-platform technologies and native languages.

The performance is quite high and it is recorded to be 60 frames per second or fps.

The developers take advantage of the assistance of tools such as Flutter Inspector and Dart Analysis to assess the code while sticking to the performance standards. Also, various other tools can be used for debugging and optimizing the codes.

Furthermore, version 2.5 has recorded tremendous success due to its high performance, tool improvements, templates, and features.

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, flutter doesn’t depend on instant code representations, which ensures that you never witness any performance issues, resulting in enhanced performance.

2. Incredible Support


According to flutter’s official website, it has received more than 138k stars, and more than 178k followers on Twitter making it a wide community.

It implies that a wide range of people are interested in developing applications with flutter and are quite interested in being a part of the community. The team is quite active in resolving the grievances each year.

According to research by Stack Overflow, the popular platform has received more than 1,30,000 questions.

In fact, since the release of version 1.12, the community has actively reduced the size of applications, reduced the operative memory, and enhanced the performance of iOS.

To simply put, the more support from the community the framework gets, the easier it will become for freshers to learn more about it and find the right flutter developers.

Benefits of Using Flutter App Development
Benefits of Using Flutter App Development


3. Native Performance


The performance of an application is quite an important factor to consider for the enhancement of the user experience.

The best part is that flutter app development has become quite close to cross-platform app development.

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, it doesn’t use intermediate code interpretation and is based on machine code which massively helps to eliminate performance bugs.

Developers can create fast and responsive applications by using the Skia 2 graphics library, which can help them run at a decent native speed.

A development team makes sure that an application is created at a native operational speed by using DART.

The application’s performance remains unaffected by file handling, platform APIs, and server requests.

In addition, most business applications don’t require high computational speed or complex logic. Also, it works best for designing simple mobile games.

Flutter is ideal for creating simple, fast, and stable applications with a high native speed.


4. Development Cycle


There are various features in Flutter which help to reduce time in the development cycle.

Firstly, developers just have to work on one codebase as it can easily run on all the platforms.

Besides, there’s a hot reload feature that ensures that developers get to see instant changes in the code without bearing any changes to the current app status.

Secondly, it has various ready-to-use widgets that are highly customizable and end up saving time.

The process of development is quite simple and less time-consuming, making the development cycle simple.

In addition, if you’ve been observant, you would have noticed that while using Android Studio for developing an Android application, the time consumption is higher.

However, with the hot reload feature, developers can instantly see the changes in code without losing the app’s current status. It boosts the development speed.


Hot reload feature of Flutter
Hot reload feature of Flutter

5. Codebase Structure


The one feature which stands out in flutter and makes it different from other frameworks is its single codebase.

Unlike other frameworks where developers have to put different codes for different platforms, it turns out to be time-consuming and ends up increasing the time of the development cycle.

In flutter, the developers just have to write code once and can effectively use it for both android and iOS platforms.

Furthermore, its cross-platform application development framework reduces the effort and helps in accessing greater control over the application’s quality, design, and speed.

In addition, its code reusability also helps developers to write code once for Android, iOS, web, and other platforms.

Besides code reusability, it also enables developers to see immediate changes in the code and can be observed across all the applications.

The hot reload feature takes less than a second to see the instant reflection of the changes in the applications and also helps to easily identify the bugs and fix them as soon as possible.

 Hire Flutter Developer
Hire Flutter Developer


6. Widgets


Flutter has an abundance of widgets that are extensively customizable and end up saving time. Undoubtedly, it can do wonders for businesses.

These widgets can be used from Flutter’s extensive library, and as the widgets are designed to be used across all the platforms, it also ends up making application versions identical and creating applications for both iOS and Android.

Also, when it comes to designing great visuals in applications, Flutter is undeniably the best!

You also don’t have to get bothered about the user interface of devices.

You can easily create user interface elements with the widgets and can provide great quality to users as widgets are editable, fast, and elastic, which can provide great user satisfaction.


7. Cost-effective


The faster development in flutter makes it fit into your budget. Generally, when you hire developers for the long run, you will have to pay more to them. However, flutter apps can be easily developed, making them a budget-friendly framework.

Cost-effectiveness is a paramount factor to consider when developing an application.

Flutter cuts down on cost and development, as in other frameworks, companies end up paying more for native app development.

Also, single app development across multiple platforms massively contributes to reducing development costs and time.



Google’s constant attempts to aid flutter developers by using the flutter beta variant help in reducing the development process.

Google has undeniably invested heavily in this software development kit to enable developers to create applications with a seamless user interface more quickly.

These features make companies gravitate towards using Flutter for app development.


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