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Mobile Application
Masters App is a dedicated networking platform designed for MBA students, offering a more connected and engaging experience throughout their academic journey. The platform serves as a hub for connecting with classmates within your school and establishing connections with MBA students nationwide.


Bridging Peer Connections: MBA students often face challenges in connecting with peers, both within their own institutions and on a broader scale.
Addressing Networking Gaps: Limited platforms for comprehensive networking within the MBA community.
Staying Ahead: Difficulty in staying updated with the latest events and opportunities in the MBA world.


Unified Networking Platform: Masters App gives MBA students access to a centralized platform that facilitates relationships with MBA students nationwide as well as amongst peers who attend the same institution.
Event and Information Hub: To help users remain up to date on the newest events, the platform provides a thorough summary, so users are aware of what's going on in the MBA community.
User-Friendly experience: Masters App places a high priority on having an intuitive user experience that makes networking, finding events, and sharing information simple for all users.


Classbook: An option that lets users peruse through one other's profiles to find classmates who share similar interests.
Event Calendar: An integrated calendar that shows off forthcoming occasions and facilitates users' ability to schedule and participate in pertinent activities.
Chat functionality: Encourages friendships and cooperation through real-time conversation with classmates and other MBA students.
Roommate Finder: A special tool that makes life better overall by helping students identify possible housemates for the forthcoming academic year.


Enhanced Networking: Masters App facilitates stronger connections between MBA students, both locally and nationally.
Current and Relevant Information: Users stay informed about the latest events, creating a more engaged and well-connected MBA community.
Efficient Communication: The chat functionality ensures seamless communication, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.
Streamlined Planning: Features like the Classbook and Roommate Finder simplify essential aspects of student life, making planning more efficient.

Tech stacks we used

Adobe XD
Mobile app
Android & iOS
Programming Language
React Native
Back-end APIs
Admin Panel
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