What’s new in flutter 3.0?

August 31, 2022

Flutter 3.0

It’s no surprise that the flutter version 3.0 has been all over the news ever since it got released. The technology-centric world has been booming with such awesome news.

 If you are super thrilled to know about the outstanding features and updates of flutter 3.0, and whether it has surpassed its older version flutter 2.0, then let’s delve deeper into this article.

What exactly is flutter 3.0?

It’s no exaggeration to say that flutter has been outperforming other frameworks and has entirely revolutionized the world of app development so far with its wholesome features and constant new updates.

In addition, ever since the launch of its first version 1.0, Google has been constantly putting in efforts to bring new widgets, frameworks, robust libraries, and new tools to the table and delve deeper into integration with the platforms.

In fact, its stunning features be it 8 web iterative development models consisting of hardware accelerated graphics on pixel level control have been a huge point of attraction for most companies such as Alibaba, Shein, We Chat, and many more.

According to statista, most developers believe that flutter is the best platform to develop cross-platform applications and is the future of cross-platform.

With the constant updates, flutter has been on top of other frameworks due to its new evolving features and updates

 In fact, its latest update flutter 3.0 has been buzzing around for quite a while due to its single code base that can develop applications for 6 massive platforms enabling developers to focus on other tasks and entrepreneurs to focus more on the launch of applications and time to market.  Also, its latest update has solid support for both Linux and macOS.Earlier, its old version flutter 2.0 merely supported android and iOS

What’s new in flutter 3?


1. Firebase support


The developers have always been obsessed with firebase.

Due to the surge in the demand, the firebase plugins have constantly evolved and have become an entirely supported fundamental component of firebase making the plugins hosted on firebase’s website and repository.

In addition, Google has been constantly working to develop new flutter widgets consistently for the better integration of firebase in an application.

In fact, its crashlytics plugin enables developers to easily monitor and track errors and it also gives a better overview of the app’s stability which is great to analyze and fix the issues in the app.

Also, it emphasizes more alert metrics like crash-free users for better assistance and monitoring of the stability of an application.


2. Extensive game Toolkit


Flutter has always been preferred by game developers for the development of high-performing gaming applications.

 It’s an awesome news for game developers that flutter has upped its game in terms of the development of its casual game toolkit which comprises rules, templates, and tutorials for game developers when developing gaming applications.

They can easily take a glimpse of the flame game engine to dive deeper into how flutter is worse in games.

3. Massive support for Linux and macOS


The release of flutter has been lauded by most developers due to its inane ability to develop dynamic applications for cross-platform.

Initially, the older versions of flutter supported iOS and Android, however with its latest release it has seamlessly extended its support to the web, windows, and other embedded devices.

It’s a great relief for flutter developers as they can develop an application for both Linux and mac without any hassle. Isn’t it exciting news?

4. One codebase for all the six platforms


Besides extending support to Linux and mac, flutter 3.0 also brings the stunning update of creating an outstanding user experience across all six platforms. Now, the developers don’t have to bother about the user experience and don’t have to put in much time and effort on coding.

Instead, they can indefinitely focus on working on enhancing customer experience and can carve out more time for addressing other critical issues.


5. Happy Paths Projects


It’s specifically designed for developers who want to upgrade themselves and want to dive deeper into the advanced learning of flutter.

It primarily emphasizes acknowledging the analysis paralysis with apt recommendations for better assistance in flutter development projects. In addition, it provides various packages and guidance to hone the skills and abilities for the better development of complex applications.


6. Material Design


 Flutter 3.0 has got a material design feature that enhances the behavioral and motion-rich widgets that comply with material design guidelines.

It has made it easier for developers to access navigation, selections, buttons, panels, information displays, dialogs, alerts, app structure, layout, and many more.

 Besides designs, flutter 3.0 also includes Visits widgets. The material design element is specifically built with the ability to improve the typography and dynamic color.

These elements can be used well in flutter-based applications and can help massively to transform the app into a robust, responsive, and dynamic application.


7. Flutter App Initialization


The initialization of flutter applications has been changed on the web with additional features.

The google I/O edition has incorporated new features to make the best of web app initialization.

In addition, the entire initialization process has been changed with the customization of behavior at each stage by running the application and loading the entry point.

Also, you can upgrade any older project by creating a new index HTML file with the incorporation of the template and then can delete the old file and run it with the flutter create function.

Flutter App Initialization

The enhanced performance of flutter 3

The consistent performance enhancement of flutter has brought its benchmark to the next level. Its opacity widgets and animations have been improved making it more desirable.

In fact, the performance has turned out to be great in flutter 3 with the addition of some great features such as:


1. Awesome features for both web and mobile


Flutter 3.0 has brought some paramount changes to both the iOS and android platforms. Also, Its performance has been tremendously improved.

2. High refresh rate support for iOS


Flutter 3.0 in iOS devices such as iPhone 13 pro and iPad pro have started supporting promotion displays with varied refresh rates. Its refresh rate is increased to 120Hz from 60Hz with just an update that enables fast animations and smooth scrolling.


3. Foldable device support


It has foldable device support as well as the features and widgets can be a great help for developing attractive visual experiences on the devices. This feature was introduced with the huge collaboration with Microsoft.


4. Decoding and Scrolling


The latest version enables developers to use image coder API in flutter web to view and edit images smoothly.

Also, it helps to decode images asynchronously with the browser’s built-in image codecs. The images can run faster than before and can also remove poor-quality images as it doesn’t affect the main thread.

With the flutter, 3.0 developers can decode the image asynchronously without any fuss as it’s off the main thread and can be decoded with twice the speed.


5. Lifecycle API


You can easily control app bootstraps with its new web app lifecycle API. It enables you to scroll quickly, and decode images with its enhanced web codec API.


Stand out features of Flutter


1. Incredible Theme Extension


The theme data extension enables you to add anything to the material library. You don’t have to extend theme data or implement copy as you directly mention theme data extension and can avoid duplicacy of programming.


2. Dart version 2.17


The dart version 2.17 was released with flutter 3.0 with prominent features such as portability and its new features have also resulted in super builders and enhanced enumerations.


3. Ads


With flutter 3.0 you can create personalized ads along with managing ATT (Apple’s App Tracking Transparency) and can meet the publisher’s requirements.


Did flutter 3 outperform flutter 2 in performance?


If you’re curious to dig out which version is the best, Futter 2 Vs Flutter 3, you can assess the performance parameter.

 Performance Improvements


With the older version of Flutter, the application used to rely more on the Rosetta layer on Mac. However, with the latest version, the app can natively run on the Mac without any hassle.

The application can natively run on the app silicon processor instead of heavily relying on the translation layer of its x86 architecture.




The notable highlight and hype of this version have been its insane ability to develop applications for the massive six different platforms involving iOS, android, windows, Linux, and macOS.

The community support of flutter has always been great and is expected to incorporate more different key features to enhance developers’ productivity.


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