Shopify Development

Shopify Development

    Infowind Technologies is a leading Shopify development company and offers robust eCommerce store development services for small, medium, and enterprise clients. We have over 30 expert Shopify developers with years of experience in designing intuitive and user-friendly stores. 

    Our developers can create your eCommerce portal from scratch using advanced Web technologies like Ruby on Rails and Python or you can hire us to design a shopping cart extension for your existing website.

    Online stores built using Shopify

    The Critical Slide Society

    The Critical Slide, an Australia-based clothing company, markets its wares on a simple, easy-to-navigate website. The page background is plain white to provide maximum contrast for online shoppers.

    Studio Proper

    Studio Proper’s “simplifying experiences with technology” tagline applies to both their products and their Shopify store.


    Tluxe was awarded the Good Design Award in 2018, a distinction awarded to the most innovative products and concepts. Tluxe’s homepage has two main features: a banner image and an Instagram feed.

    Quad Lock

    Quad Lock, a mount manufacturer for mobile devices, uses social proof (the logos of the ride, run, moto and drive categories), product animation (gifs of the products in action), and product curation (based on category) to attract visitors to its Shopify store.

    The Candi Factory

    The Candi Factory uses a simple white background and fun product photography on its website while maintaining a clean, easy-to-navigate user experience. Ensuring that the shopping process is simple and quick ensures that users are able to convert.


    The online store of furniture and home goods retailer Haus uses a sleek, modern design for its Shopify store. This matches the aesthetic of its products.

    Why Shopify for eCommerce development?


    Shopify has more than 175,000 merchants using their platforms to run their online stores. If you are planning to set up an e-commerce store, then Shopify Development Services is what you need! From configuring your online store to managing it and driving sales – with Shopify it is easy! 


    Shopify, a popular fully hosted e-commerce platform, has a low cost of use and high usability. Users can choose from a variety of templates and add their own style through editing code, fonts and colors. Shopify includes basic features while other services are available for purchase as add-ons. Features include:


    • Fully Hosted eCommerce Platform
    • Simple Customer Management System
    • Easy Product Catalog Management
    • User-Friendly Order Management
    • Online Coupons Ability
    • Mobile App to Manage Your Store
    • Support Various Payment Gateways
    • Can Utilize Extension Plug-ins
    • Very Safe and Secure!

    Why Infowind Technologies for Shopify eCommerce  Development?

    Our Certified Shopify Experts build customized eCommerce solutions. Whether it’s Shopify installation, configuration, or integration, we can develop a solution to help your business meet its e-Commerce goals, just the way you want it. 

    If you want to enhance your online store with new features, we’re here to help. We build and manage custom eCommerce sites that are tailored to your business’s vertical and target audience. We have a suite of services that includes adding payment gateways, custom functionalities, third-party apps or APIs. Contact us for more information about Shopify integration.

    Infowind’s team of creative UI/UX designers and efficient Shopify certified developers help curate responsive, user-friendly and interactive Shopify themes. We offer secured migration services of your existing shopping portals to the Shopify platform. Our Shopify expert developers provide technical assistance for optimizing your eCommerce store’s performance as a whole.



    What do you offer that other Shopify Development agencies don’t?

    We have mastered the art of deploying a dedicated team for our clients. Our transparent processes, tools, and our performance-based compensation package for talent is what sets us apart from other service providers.

    How is the privacy of shared information maintained after the project is over?

    We offer strong compliance and network security to protect your systems from unauthorized access. Our IP restricted access helps us ensure that only authorized users can access your systems. We also use firewalls to limit access within our premises. These measures will help protect your systems from unauthorized access.

    How long will it take to develop my Shopify project?

    We deliver solutions to our clients that are best-in-class. The time required to develop a Shopify-powered website depends on the type of project, technology involved, specifics of the project, and other factors. Shopify experts follow industry best practices to guarantee quick turnaround times for projects.

    How much does it cost to build a certain Shopify store in India?

    Project costs vary from one project to another. Several factors affect the price of a project, including its complexity and the features it will contain. Contact our experts for best pricing estimates.

    Will the teams report their progress and analytics monthly?

    The team will give you detailed reports every month and even provide weekly reports if needed.They will track their progress, as well, and keep you updated through continuous analytics.