What Are The Reasons to Choose MERN Stack Development?

June 8, 2022


With the surge in the number of web and app developments, the underlying technology is constantly evolving to keep up with the increase in competition.

The mobile and web application worlds have gone through tremendous changes over the past few years, resulting in cutting-edge tools and technologies.

With the abundance of technologies, it gets difficult to choose the right stack of technologies for the seamless implementation of an application.

Often, developers get baffled when it comes to selecting the right technology stack building an application.

One such leading stack for developing applications that are scalable, secure, reliable, and flexible is the MERN stack.

The MERN stack comprises MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS. It’s a javascript stack and is used by developers to develop applications, which provides an end-to-end framework to make the development process much easier.

In this article, we will decode what the MERN stack is and the reasons why you should fall in love with MERN stack development.

What do you understand about MERN Stack?


It’s an awesome combination of components such as MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS technologies. It involves open source components, including databases, frameworks, and libraries.

The difference between the MERN stack and the MEAN stack is the use of different technologies such as React and Angular.

According to the research conducted by Hackerrank, more than 32% of developers are keen to learn React rather than Angular. In fact, more than 750% of developers consistently use the MERN stack in development, making it a highly popular and in-demand technological stack.

The usability of robust technologies and the ability to create high-performance applications increase the demand for the stack.

There are four components of the MERN stack:

1. MongoDB



It’s a document-oriented database that relies on using a JSON-based language to develop web applications.

The documents are comprised of various sizes, numbers of fields, and content, making MongoDB a No-SQL database that is quite easy to use and flexible.

The best part about the component is that it doesn’t store data or require entity keys or primary keys, resulting in increased speed and performance compared to PostgreSQL and MySQL.

The advantages of the MERN stack make the database more scalable in horizontal scalability and provide comprehensive driver support.

2. Express JS


Express JS
Express JS

It’s an open-source web framework that is used to develop scalable, robust, and fast applications which are written in java and can be installed in NodeJS. If installed in node JS, it will be in middleware or in the browser.

If a web framework has a minimalistic structure for Node.js, the chances of minimizing the need to rewrite the server code (repeated) when compared to the Node.js HTTP module increase.

3. React JS


React JS
React JS

React JS, was developed by Facebook specifically to develop larger applications, In fact, most companies use ReactJS to build user interfaces.

According to the research conducted by Statista, more than 40% of companies believe in building applications with reactJS.

The user interfaces rendered in HTML can be effectively built using React JS. Further, React is a view layer in MVC.

React JS creates DOM elements that are repetitive with Javascript. The repetitive DOM elements work great for single-page applications.

4. Node JS


Node JS
Node JS

It’s a Javascript runtime environment that is extensively used to create network applications. Node JS comprises an event-driven architecture and uses non-blocking I/O operations to reduce overhead and enable access to several multiple requests at the same time.

It has a great backend which gives the leverage of an increase in speed in loading, resulting in developing faster web applications.

It’s also quite similar to Python Twisted, Ruby’s event machine, and all of them are commonly referred to as scalable networking engines.

What are the reasons to opt for MERN Stack Development?


Here are a few compelling reasons why you should use the MERN stack for development.

1. It’s an open-source technology


Most companies prefer to use the MERN stack as their open-source code. In fact, all the components of the MERN stack are open-source code. They also get constantly updated by experts.

These components gravitate developers towards using them to create robust applications.

Let’s say you use AngularJS for developing web applications. AngularJS is explicitly created to acknowledge and address the issues which are inherent in old versions of JavaScript and HTML.

It’s an open-source front-end framework that enhances coding efficiency and provides various tools that help to build robust applications.

Furthermore, the underlying benefit of using open source also lies in its no vendor lock-in, enabling companies to easily change or move to another vendor without incurring expenses or going through a tedious process.



2. There are ample free templates available


You can easily get tons of templates online, which ends up saving you time. It’s far better to download a template and customize it.

The best part is, that if you bump into any issues while developing templates, you can easily reach out to experts.

In fact, there are various platforms where many communities are active and you can post questions and get feedback from them.

What could be the harm in learning from the experts? It could be quite beneficial for the developers to be able to easily reach the experts and seek help.


3. It facilitates faster development of applications


The MERN stack heavily depends on open source technology, enabling the developers to use it freely, resulting in faster application development as the developers don’t have to waste any more time on building it from scratch.

Let’s say you want to build a blogging website. It’s quite obvious that websites like WordPress already exist. You solely have to emphasize reading instructions and customization.

In addition, the plug-and-play approach stands out in performing website development.

4. It offers ease of usability


The technologies in the stack are easy to deploy as they’re quite easy to understand and use. In fact, beginners can easily learn and deploy, making it a perfect option for beginners in web development.

Nowadays, many tools are available for developers to help them learn. Once you get sorted, it’s easy to access.

It’s highly recommended to get started with the MERN Stack app for beginners as it gives deep insights into web development.

Once you have gathered enough insights on usability and access to tools, you can learn more about them by switching components or adding a few additional features.

5. It gives a native experience to users


As native applications are more secure and robust, which gives a better user experience. Most users have had amazing native experiences.

MERN Stack offers it too. In fact, it uses native features and ensures seamless data sync between offline and online applications, and it gives access to features such as the camera.

On the contrary, applications built on hybrid frameworks offer less performance.

Hence, it becomes easier to monetize with native applications for developers as they have to invest time in creating them rather than fixing them.

6. It has got great community support


The community support for MERN Stack is great as you can easily raise queries, and their community support will reach out to you.

It’s backed by active community support that can easily solve queries, enabling you to build applications at a faster rate without wasting any time.

In addition, the insane popularity of NodeJS results in the inherent experience of developers with JavaScript.

The assistance and support of the MERN Stack community group are quite good for finding all kinds of technical questions.

most used framework
most used framework

7. It offers high flexibility and easy maintenance


As all the components used in the MERN stack are open source, no dispute regarding licensing arises.

You can easily build applications due to the availability of various options. The flexibility of components makes the entire development process easier.

Furthermore, the technology stack provides a great opportunity for developers regarding code maintenance. With the abundance of powerful testing tools, testing and maintenance have become cost-efficient.



MERN is the new emerging technology stack in web development. It makes an amazing combination of components such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, React JS, and NodeJS.

It gives you great leverage to either use individual components or can use in a combination. The components are highly flexible, making the development process much easier and allowing you to build customized solutions in accordance with your needs.

So, if you are searching for a MERN Stack Development Company, You can consider Infowind Technologies as your development partner.


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