July 20, 2022


There are a host of technologies available on the market. Often, it gets perplexing to select the best technology stack for web and app development.

Most companies prefer to use the MERN stack for developing big applications or social media applications to run smoothly and give a seamless experience. While other companies prefer using Django for speedy development of websites and applications.

If you’re also stuck on them and want to jump to one technology stack for developing a website or an application, this article is for you!

This article will shed some light on what exactly are the MERN Stack and Django and which is better to use for development.



What is MERN Stack?


The MERN stack comprises a combination of technologies that enables faster web application development.

In fact, according to the research conducted by Hackers Development, more than 35% of developers want to develop applications with React JS rather than angular. It certainly implies that more developers are drifting towards developing applications with the MERN stack.

Furthermore, the developers prefer developing the application with the MERN stack to developing apps using Javascript. In addition, all the four technologies used in the MERN stack are JavaScript based.

It makes it easy for the developer to operate on the frontend, backend, and databases.

It comprises four powerful components: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS


MERN Stack


1. MongoDB


It’s a NoSQL database management system that is used by developers to store data in the form of documents. Developers can use it to create tables, schemas, and databases.

It includes the Mongo shell, which includes a JS interface for deleting, querying, and updating records.

2. ExpressJS


It’s a NodeJS framework that saves you from creating multiple node modules and makes it easier to write back-end code.

Furthermore, it involves a host of middleware to ensure that the codes are precise.

3. ReactJS


It’s a Javascript library that is used for creating UI for single-page applications and mobile applications.

In addition, it allows you to write Javascript and create user interfaces for mobile apps and SPAs. It enables you to write JavaScript and create UI components. The Javascript library does it with virtual DOM.


4. NodeJS


It’s an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that enables developers to run codes on the server. It involves a node package manager that enables developers to select from a bunch of packages or node modules.

The best part is that it can execute code quickly and smoothly as it’s built on the Chrome Javascript engine.


What Are The Reasons To Choose MERN Stack?


reasons to choose MERN stack
Reason to choose mern stack


1. Open Source Technology


Most startups prefer MERN stack technology in development as it’s open source, which makes it easier for all the tech experts to fix it quite easily and leaves room for improvements. It also helps developers build robust applications.

2. Better Performance and User Interface


React JS works the best when it comes to UI layer abstraction. Moreover, as React JS is a library, it enables developers to develop applications with better organization of code accordingly.

In addition, if compared with angular in performance and UI rendering, React outperforms it.

3. Cost Efficient


If you hire the right MERN stack developers, it can save time and cost as you don’t have to hire different developers who are specialized in different technologies.

You can hire developers well versed in JavaScript rather than hiring each developer specializing in different technologies.

4. Community Support


Undeniably, the community support of the MERN stack is amazing as it’s backed by strong support and a network of developers.

The community can assist the developers in understanding the MERN stack and can also assist them with troubleshooting and other issues. The developers can easily learn and make the most of this technology with the awesome community.



5. Native Experience


Generally, native applications are considered by most developers due to their high security, efficiency, and user experience. Most startups develop applications using hybrid frameworks such as React Native and Ionic.

Undeniably, the frameworks are great, but they end up providing ineffective performance and deep device integration.

However, the mobile application, when built with the MERN stack, offers seamless data sync between online and offline states in an application. Also, it helps to build robust applications and leverages native features such as camera access.

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What is Django?


According to Github projects in 2017, Python is the second most popular language and is quite popular among developers.

The odds are higher for any Python developer to have heard of Django.

Django is commonly used for developing web applications. It’s a Model View Template (MVT) framework that also labels itself as the battery-included framework. It also helps web developers write efficient, clean, and powerful code.

According to a report by Github, it has been used by developers around the world and has been used to develop more than 88,000 websites. Some popular websites, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Google, have been built with Django.

Structure of Django


The structure of Django is based on the MVT architecture. MVT differs a tad from the MVC structure.

When the Django server receives a request, the URL router routes it to the appropriate view, which then retrieves data from models, fills the template, and returns it to the user.

Control flow of MVT in Django
Control flow of MVT in Django


What Are The Reasons To Choose Django?


1. Python


Django is written in Python, which is quite a popular and in-demand language, making Django the preferred language too.

Furthermore, Python is quite easy to learn and is great for beginners. It’s a widely used language in computer science.

The growing popularity of Python is insane. According to the report by Stack Overflow Developer Survey, it’s become more popular than PHP, resulting in higher pay for Python developers.

2. Scalable


When developing an application, every developer wants to make an application that can be scaled in the future. When it comes to scalability, Django works the best!

It allows the developer to take several scalability actions, such as running separate servers for media and databases and also using cloud balancing or clusters for distribution of the application across multiple servers.

3. Strong Community


Undeniably, the Django community is quite supportive and makes the framework more beginner-friendly. It also ensures stability by adding new features.

Django’s documentation is quite comprehensive and can be used as a learning tutorial. It will help you wrap your head around various features so that you can use them as a primary source of information.

4. Battery-included Framework


The best part about Django is the batteries included in the framework, which assures that you don’t have to write your code and can instead just import the package you want to use.

It isn’t restricted and comprises other stuff that you can use based on the application you’re developing.

5. Better Documentation


Django has better documentation, which implies that it’s great for developers to learn and is equivalent to accessing a full-fledged library.

The technology is well documented, making it easier for those who are unfamiliar with it to learn more effectively.

Furthermore, the documentation has gotten better with the advancement in technology and is evidently available in multiple languages.

Why Choose Django?
Why Choose Django?


MERN Stack vs Django


Django is specifically used for the rapid development of applications. It has the MVT model, which comprises the components used for rapid website development.

The goal is to create websites that are unique and different from the project than merely wasting time on the boilerplate.

On the contrary, the MERN stack consists of a combination of technologies that are mostly preferred by startups. It’s highly efficient and is used for developing efficient applications.

In addition, MERN is adaptable and scalable and involves various testing tools to assist developers at the time of development.

It has been used by many gigantic corporations, such as Instagram, Walmart, Uber, and many more. It offers an amazing user experience and delivers a highly responsive application.

The features of MERN Stacks make it an incredible framework for developers.



The comparison of these two incredible technologies makes them highly popular and preferred amongst companies.

If you’re juggling between them, the easiest way to draw a fine distinction between them is to analyze your project requirements.
If you want to build a website in a short span of time with an appealing design, Django is the best!

You can also build ample newsletters, blogs, and other applications.

On the flip side, if you want to develop bigger applications and have more time in your pocket, undoubtedly, the MERN stack is the best!

Mern’s best feature is that you can also drop react and use any framework you want, such as react native, flutter, angular, or even build a desktop application in C++ without worrying about the backend.

You can also create a website with React and an Android and iOS app with React Native, but it will take slightly longer.


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