What Are The Best React Based CMS?

June 4, 2022


In the era of digitalization, the content management system plays a crucial role in managing the content of the website with the utmost efficiency and technicality.

Earlier, a traditional content management system was used for editing the interface, content, custom codes, and templates. However, its traditional CMS is restricted to these features.

With the evolution of digital products, these features don’t suffice and most companies prefer switching to headless CMS as it’s API friendly and it gives you the leverage of delivering the content through any channel.

The content can be effectively managed and delivered through any channel by using various tools. It also results in increasing scalability and security.

If you’re contemplating using a React-based CMS, make sure you give this a read! This article will walk you through what React CMS is, why you should use it, and the best react-based CMS that you can consider using.

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What is React CMS?


React only offers the front-end user interface, restricting it to managing the visual presentation of the content. But, when it comes to storing back-end databases, it must be ensured that the data is managed and retrieved effectively.

This is where the content management system comes in. The CMS can effectively help to manage and store the data.

React CMS is formed when React’s user interface is combined with CMS to manage the content. However, to get compatible with React, ensure that the CMS offers the right (compatible) application programming interface.

Furthermore, a headless CMS can add a great benefit to your React application by delivering content to server-side, client-side, and compilation.

The compilation, or the Jamstack approach, is the build process in which pre-rendered pages are deployed to static web hosting providers.

Why Should You Use Headless CMS?


Why Should You Use Headless CMS?

According to research conducted by Kentico content, more than 50% of companies believe in using headless CMS as it offers great flexibility and easy upgrades.

In fact, headless CMS in react applications can eradicate the cumbersome stages and the tedious process of maintenance and technological setup. In addition, CMS delivers data to different channels through its API. Isn’t it great?

What Factors Should be Considered Before Selecting a Headless CMS for React?


To ensure the adequacy and efficiency of headless CMS for reaction, consider these factors:

1. Ease of Usability


It’s always crucial to consider the ease of usability to deliver a seamless experience to both the content creator and the developer.

The ultimate goal of using CMS is to provide extensive integration tools to developers and to make dashboards simple to use.

A headless CMS should always have an amazing dashboard for the ease of usability for content creators and powerful tools and API for developers.

2. Reliable React CMS Server


It should always be ensured that there’s a reliable React CMS server and it should be available, as if there wasn’t a reliable React CMS server, there wouldn’t be stable access to the React CMS application.

3. High Performance and Speed of React CMS


Assess the performance and speed of the CMS to get hassle-free services. Ideal integration of cms with react, resulting in react cms, should be able to store and deliver content within milliseconds.

It’s an important factor to consider as it will result in optimal user experience, user retention, and enhanced SEO.


4. Security


Security is always the utmost consideration for any application. It should be ensured that additional security through two-step verification is included besides storage and encryption in transit.

In addition, additional security features must be present for better security.

What Are The Best React-Based CMS?


Sanity Studio


It’s one of the most adaptable, flexible, and fastest CMSs. You can use Javascript to organize content-related models and then you can further improvise them with React components.

By using sanity studio, you can indefinitely customize the CMS based on the users’ requirements and needs.

You can also easily differentiate the content into blocks, which enables you to edit the content altogether.

The best part about this CMS is its structural builder that helps to design the editorial workflow along with the ease of segregation of content.
In addition, it comes with a plugin dashboard where you can store all of your required widgets.

Generally, the standard plan of sanity studio is free of cost, covering up to three users. However, it will cost you around $10 per add-on user.

You can also go with an advanced plan option wherein you have to pay around $200 and will cover around 20 users, while the enterprise-based plan is quite subjective based on the requirements and will cover around 50 users.



It’s built as a single-page React application. It gives a seamless experience with custom styling and can add different useful plugins to do editing and widgets.

It has an easy drag and drops media upload and it comes with rich text enhancements.

You can easily edit, review, or write a piece of content. Also, it provides access to Netifly through the Git gateway.

When it comes to cost, you can avail of the MIT license to get access to this CMS.



It’s a headless CMS and, because of its virtual DOM, sites can easily and quickly be set up on Strapi.

You can easily deliver a large chunk of content without any hassle.

The silver lining of using this CMS is the flexibility and customization features that it offers, making it quite easy and convenient to use.

It also supports a variety of databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and SQLite.

You can also use this CMS under the MIT license.

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Graph CMS


Generally, it’s considered the best react-based CMS as it is based on GraphQL.

With Graph CMS, you can easily track and trace back to the edited version of your older content. You can also make some SEO-related modifications to your content.

Based on the marketing needs and requirements, you can improvise your content in different styles and can even personalize the content through advanced targeting of content.

It has got different pricing plans. The essential plan will cost you around $40 and is ideal for handling individual projects.

If you have a bunch of small projects, you can use its team plan, which will cost you around $160 and is based on your requirements.
If you’re contemplating scaling your product, then a growth plan is the best as it will cost you around $800 per month or project.

There’s also a custom plan that can be customized and modified based on the cost and requirements.



It’s a headless CMS that serves three main solutions, such as Bloomreach search and merchandising (brSM), Bloomreach experience manager (brXM), and Bloomreach experience (BrX).

It’s an API-based solution and is meant for effectively managing, delivering, and creating content.

It’s widely used to personalize and optimize the individual visitor’s reach and landing page experience.

In fact, the brXM enables engineers to combine the content with systems.

This CMS is highly preferred by businesses such as Deutsche, Boch, Topdanmark, Telecom, and Puma.



Every company puts massive emphasis on effectively creating, managing, and delivering content. With the right CMS, you can deliver a seamless and flawless experience to customers.

Analyze the requirements of projects and customers before jumping the gun with any CMS.

Do extensive research before finalizing it to ensure that it meets the bar of requirements and stands out in managing the data.


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