Why PHP is fit for your website or web application development projects

November 6, 2018

php Development


To make your digital presence, website development is an essence that scales up the business. A lot of programming languages are offered to the programmers by computer science like- ASP, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc. With The Changing Technological Trends in 2018, the software is getting a big hit and is responsible for the world’s biggest innovations. Grabbing on to the best language for the development of the software can bring the best outcomes for you. I would strongly support PHP development for seasoned as well as newbie developers. PHP web development provides you the open-source solutions and creates versatile and flexible PHP websites. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic websites.

The distinguishing features of PHP have made it be the most adaptable web technology by the designers and developers in a web development company or the freelancers working out there.

PHP is a back-end tech that creates highly intuitive and responsive websites. The PHP websites have a sack full of advantages that will surely convince you that PHP web services will take development to an upper level.

Favorable Features of PHP Web Development –

  • Open-source and free of cost-  PHP is open-source software that allows users to modify or tweak the code without any other interventions. Its source code is easily available and requires no cost to download. There is no licensing cost attached to PHP development and its peripherals. Moreover, PHP is used heavily nowadays because of frameworks such as Laravel and Phalcon. Also, the CMS frameworks are gaining huge popularity as they are open-source where any new developer can test his/her coding capabilities and are available for free until you use some paid plugins or themes. Some of the best PHP websites include- WordPress, Facebook, Wikipedia, and a lot more in the queue.
  • Versatile and Flexible- PHP code is versatile as it is adaptable and compatible with all the platforms starting from Windows, Unix, Linux to Mac OS. Also, it can be integrated with web servers like Apache, IIS, Tornado, etc. The amazing functionalities make it flexible and are used for the scalability of your business. PHP is widely chosen when organizations decide to tailor cross-platform applications. The easy functions, syntax, and methods make PHP an easy language to use. As PHP is a dynamically typed language, it offers you the flexibility to simplify your solutions using methods.
  • Editor and Database independency-  PHP is editor independent and is compatible with a lot of editors. As PHP is an open source and dynamic language, its text editors are also easily and freely available such as Notepad. It is not only restricted to a particular editor but also gives you the freedom to use tools with advanced functionalities like Notepad++, Emacs, jEdit, etc. It can be synchronized with a large of relational database management systems like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc.
  • Enhanced speed and performance- Normally, the traffic visiting your website will stay if the site loads within two seconds. 60% of people hate visiting sites that take too long to load. Also, they leave the site and are not willing to return back if the turnaround time is too long for the website. Thus, speed shall be the most important concern for your website. Good server-side cache, a lesser number of loops, optimized JavaScript, and many more are the reasons that are responsible for improving the speed and performance of PHP websites. 
  • Frameworks Available – The PHP family is too big compared to other languages. There are a number of frameworks available in PHP each carrying its own functionalities. WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii, and Symphony are the major frameworks under the umbrella of PHP. With so many numbers of frameworks, it is definite for PHP to be a popular and best language.
  • Security – PHP is being used for over more than two decades and its capabilities have been trusted by the developers. PHP is secure as the malicious attacks in PHP are handled by the .ini file. PHP is based on OOPS concepts and so it is secure as the development of other OOPS based programming languages.

Now you might be wondering how cool is it to own a website that offers you a lot of PHP web services. Being unbiased, PHP is the best language of all times and billions of these websites are flooding the internet today. There’s a large pool of talented developers having expertise in PHP programming skills. So hire the best web developers for your websites and choose PHP for your next website project.


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