Top Mobile App ideas for your EV Charging Station

October 17, 2022


Electric vehicles’ high-intensity demand has fueled industries all over the world. Most people are gravitating toward electric vehicles due to their maximum efficiency and reduced emission costs.

However, merely maintaining the high-end EV isn’t the foremost concern. It gets more challenging when you’re unable to locate the charging stations. Earlier, it was difficult to locate the charging stations.

However, with the advent of time, it’s become easier to locate them due to the development of numerous EV charging station mobile applications that have made it relatively possible to locate them effortlessly.

According to the reports of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India has witnessed a tremendous surge in the establishment of EVs and public charging stations (PCS).

There’s a record of more than 10 lakh EVs and more than 2000 public charging stations across the country.

It implies that India is witnessing a spike in demand in the EV industry, resulting in increasing demand for EV charging stations.

With the ease of technology, the development industry is constantly evolving to develop mobile apps to locate EV charging stations.

However, it isn’t easy to develop mobile applications for locating the charging stations as you need to develop an application that’s user-friendly, eye-catchy with utmost comfort and accessibility, and advanced features to stand out from the competitors.

If you’re considering developing the mobile application to locate charging stations, you’re on the right boat!

This blog will explicitly deal with EV charging station finder apps and what app ideas you should incorporate.

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What exactly is the Electronic Vehicle Charging Finder App?

The electronic vehicle charging finder app, or EV charging finder app, is a mobile application that enlists all the nearby charging stations.

You can easily filter the charging stations at your nearby locations based on the different charging systems and their operations.

For instance, if I have to locate the nearby charging stations, I can easily filter the charging stations near me based on my location.

It’s relatively easier and convenient to locate all the nearby charging stations on one mobile application and plug in the automobiles. The mobile app developers develop software that indefinitely uses GPS to find charging stations to recharge the battery.

Why should you consider developing an electric vehicle station finder application?

If you do want to develop an EV charging station finder app in India, it would be the best time to do so.

Considering the Facts and Factors report, the market size of EVs is growing tremendously on a global scale, with an annual revenue of USD 18 billion in 2021 and is expected to hit USD 115 billion by the end of 2028.

Investors have been drooling to invest in the automobile sector where the growth of EVs has perpetually surpassed the expected revenue.

The environmentally friendly technology and battery system have been the point of attraction in EVs.

The government is also developing appropriate policies to boost EV adoption in the country, as one of the notable key drivers behind this exponential growth is the dire need for zero carbon emission transportation.

With the escalation in the number of electric vehicles, there’s been a significant surge in EV charging stations as well.

 Hence, it’s evident that there’s an extreme need to develop EV charging station apps to locate nearby charging stations.

It could be a great idea to develop the innovative EV charging station app in India to drift toward building a profitable and successful company.

Key Features to incorporate in an Electronic Vehicle Charging App?

1.  User-Friendly UI

Don’t get carried away by having a stunning and complex UI. It’s crucial to consider having a simple and easy-to-understand interface to ensure that both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users can understand the information and can access it without any hassle.

Also, do remember to include all the possible languages to attract users from across the country.

2. Nearest EV stations

Most EV charging station finder apps involve the explicit option of selecting the location and displaying the nearby charging stations.

It’s wise to include the public EV charging stations as well as a specific location to ensure choosing a location covering the entire state or region.

3. Price

Considering the car type and the duration of charging at the station, it’s great to display the charged amount for better transparency for the users.

It becomes more organized and efficient for them to have an estimated idea about the prices so the next time when anyone’s preparing for a road trip they can include the price in their budget and could end up making some savings.

4. Real-Time Information

Real-time data is the paramount feature to include in the EV charging station app. It will diligently alert the drivers if any station is not open or they are stuck in any emergency.

Also, it will alert the drivers to the open stations at their current location. Make sure to include all valid details as well as the station’s availability and status.

5. Various payment options

When considering building an EV charging station app, make sure to include the various modes of payment.

The application should support all the necessary forms of payment, including debit cards, PayPal, or credit cards. Most users may prefer not to carry cash and would be willing to make online payments.

 6. Slot Booking

There must be an option for slot booking to enable users to reserve the time slot at their convenience and recharge the car at their whim.

No one would ever look up to standing in a long-awaited queue at the station and would instead prefer getting it recharged at their call.

7. Geolocation

You should also consider including the location of the EV charging stations on the map for better tracking. To determine the exact location, most apps would ask for the enabling of GPS technology, mobile network signals, or WiFi.

Why should you gravitate towards developing an EV charging station finder app?

There are countless benefits to using EV charging station finder apps in India. Here are the five notable benefits that prove that EV apps have become the need of the hour for people:

1. Time-efficient

The ease of accessibility makes users gravitate toward registering on the app. They can easily book the slot with the EV station locator application and avoid standing in queues.

2. Saviour

The EV charging station locating app is a big savior for EV users as they can instantly locate the nearby charging station on the application when their electric battery is running low.

Also, nowadays most applications do offer short-distance routing to users for faster reach, and users can thereby pay directly from their EV app wallet if they’re running out of money.

3. Track your transaction history

With technological advancements, users can easily keep a record of their monthly or weekly spending for better budget estimation.

They can easily track their transaction history. It’s all possible because of these evolving features in the application that can help maintain the record for better budget planning.

4. Advanced features

The advanced features in the applications constantly and vigilantly alert users when the electric battery is running low.

It also has the option to sync the application with the car for better assessing the accessories and parts of the vehicle.

With the advanced filters, users can also customize their preferences for locating nearby charging stations. Besides, there are a host of other options available as well, such as payment methods and locating stations near hotels.

It’s best to save time, and it is also beneficial to the app owners as they have complete data about user preferences, helping them enhance the user experience.

5. Supportive community

Undeniably, the extended community is there for users’ better assistance. Users can also share trending news about e-cars and alerts with other users.

Top 3 ideas to make money from EV charging applications?

Once you incorporate all the necessary features in the application, you’ll want to monetize it by earning a decent profit. Here are the top three ways to monetize:

1. Advertisement

The layman’s method of generating high revenue through any mobile application is through extensive advertising.

Instead of going with traditional advertisements, you can display some pop-ups, videos, and sidebars on the application.

You don’t have to impose any fees on the users, and you can rather show advertisements and generate a decent amount of money from the advertisement fees.

2. Sponsorship

Initially, you can also authorize affiliates by displaying advertisements on your EV charging station finder application. It’s a great way to make money.

Often, the EV charging station apps don’t charge the fee from the users, and generating revenue is therefore difficult.

Displaying promotional information can help you earn money while generating enough profit.

If you have a decent budget, you can also pay the influencers or celebrities to promote the application and reach out to more audiences.

3. Charge Fee

Once you’ve established the business and have got enough users, you can start charging minimal fees from the users and can even charge monthly, quarterly or yearly fees for the services and benefits offered.

The end goal shouldn’t be confined to generating revenue but should also involve catering the best services to the users.

Make sure to charge a reasonable fee for the services offered. Whenever any user pays the fee for services, you will be benefiting.

EV charging station apps in India

Here are the top four EV charging station apps in India that you can look up to and get inspired by.

1.Magenta Charge Grid

The Magenta Charge Grid is an EV charging station application that’s been admired by a vast community. It was developed by Magenta Power and owns a large network of automated EV charging stations. The application covers most charging stations in the country.

Besides, it also helps users locate the nearest EV charging stations. Users can easily locate it on the map or filter in list mode to check the nearby availability of the stations.

Also, the application offers various payment modes to users for better convenience, such as online banking, debit cards, credit cards, eWallets, and many more.

2. Recharge India

Recharge India is an EV charging station finder application that was launched in Pune and Delhi. It enables users to easily search for EV charging stations and get their cars recharged.

It facilitates locating the nearby stations, which work the best, especially when the battery is running super low and needs a fast recharge.

Once the users install this application, they simply need to add the public charging station by filling out the form, and it will automatically add the stations to their database based on the relevant information.

3.  Fortum Charge and Drive

It’s an incredible network of charging stations that are being offered by Fortum Charge and Drive across the country. It’s best to include all the public networks of EV charging stations.

The users will have to install the application and sign up to create an account. Once they’re done with the sign-up process, they can effortlessly locate the charging stations and can also terminate the charging station services at their whim.

4.  PlugNGo

PlugNGo is an EV charging station finder application developed by EV Motors in India. It helps EV drivers quickly locate EV charging stations nearby.

Besides offering the finder app services, the users also get the option to start and stop the charging at their call and can pay it accordingly using the suitable payment method.

The different payment methods involve UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and online payment.

 In addition, the app offers various administrative tools for users and stations which involves the options to expand the existing network of charging stations, display QR codes, assess the current operating status, and many more.

EV Charging Companies in India

With the upsurge in the automobile industry, India has witnessed accelerated growth in EVs with the constant evolution of its innovative battery.

Several factors have led to the growth of the EV market, such as environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, cost reduction, carbon neutrality, and fuel efficiency.

The enhanced infrastructure and the outstanding vehicle range have led to the spur in growth.

One of the most important key drivers that have contributed to the revolutionization of the automobile industry is infrastructure.

Large investments have been made by prominent leaders in EV charging infrastructure. Here are the top 3 EV charging station companies in India.

1. Tata Power

Under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, held in 2020, Tata Motors developed the initial electric vehicle charging stations in Mumbai, which later got expanded in Delhi and Hyderabad while offering customers easy access to ample energy-efficient alternatives.

There are a host of EV charging station companies in India, while Tata Power also includes industrial space, EV fleet charging spaces, and workspace charging.

2. Yo Charge

It’s a renowned EV charging station company in India with a third-party network where it collaborates with property owners such as hotels, shops, restaurants, petrol pumps and installs and maintains the charging stations on their premises.

Besides, they’ve got a bright future as they’re constantly evolving to invest in supplying these charging stations with green electricity produced by solar plants.

They provide a wide range of services, including charging stations with a wide range of power up to 380 KW.

The charging stations can efficiently charge two-wheelers, cars, and buses, and they also offer private charging station services to manufacturing and industrialists.

3. Jio BP

The joint venture of two gigantic companies in the country, RIL, and BP, have developed the country’s largest EV charging station in Delhi.

They offer a wide range of services, including fuel and EV charging station services.

Jio BP has also collaborated with various OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), market generators and tech companies to build the brand and thrive as the country’s leading and fastest-growing EV charging Service Company.

Also, it made it the top network supplier of EV charging stations in the country.


The growing popularity of EVs has increased demand for EV charging stations and EV charging station finder applications for convenience and accessibility.

Considering the tremendous growth in the EV industry, it’s the best time to invest in developing a mobile application for easy detection of nearby EV charging stations.

It’s wise to hire the right development company to develop the best EV charging station locator app.


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