The changing Technological Trends in 2018

November 14, 2018


Technologies are plopping into this modern and digital world from every corner. There are a sheer number of innovations that are changing the lifestyle of the people and tech products are having a profound impact on our lives. The high tides of productivity improvements are making a big move on the IT platforms. The market is getting flooded with new technologies every day and every milestone is achieved with something big. 2017 was the “Year of Intelligence”. The exponential growth of the industries in software development has increased the sky limit for 2018 and expanded the horizon of technological advancement.    

The dominating technological trends that will bring up astronomical changes in software development in 2017-18 are briefed up here-

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is the rapidly emerging technology that has brought many new and significant changes to the world in terms of automation and robotics. In the year 2017, the development of the computer program AlphaZero, Google’s game playing AI had beaten the world’s best chess-playing computer program by teaching itself in 4 hours about the playing techniques. In the  Google I/O Conference held on May 8th, 2018, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed about the Google assistant that can make real voice calls to the business and can fix your appointments without letting the caller know that it was Google assistant. This application of Artificial Intelligence called Google Duplex is the most jaw-dropping innovation that converses with the people with true-to-life-expressions. 
  1. Internet of Things – The Internet of things is changing things dramatically and altering the lifestyle of the people as everything is becoming connected to the internet. The businesses are reaching new heights with the advancement of IOT’s. “Smart City” is recorded as the best application using the Internet of Things in which automation of the home is done through the connected controlled devices. Imagine the partying at the rooftop and you’ve ordered pizza, your front door is locked and lights of the corridor turned off. IoT sensors and cameras have enabled turning on the lights as soon as the delivery boy reaches your home and you can even open the door with the help of controllers. Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant to turn off the lights, smart city, wearables such as the smartwatch, Sony smart B trainer etc., Industrial Internet, smart farming etc. are some of the leading IOT application making billion dollars!

The ubiquity of the IoT devices is plausible and the monumental growth in many new IoT technologies will enable driving the business transformations in 2018.

  1. Blockchain-  Blockchain, the endless chain of data blocks or list of records, is the biggest reason for the success of Bitcoins. Blockchains ensure that the transactions between two parties are carried out in a verified way and the user can control how the information is amended and updated. The blockchain is into the account so much because of its security. Once a transaction has been done and saved in a block, it can never be tampered or modified.  Blockchain has underpinned Cryptocurrency and supports a wide range of applications. Deloitte predicts about the revolutionizing Blockchain technology being extended to the Cloud Computing projects. Also, blockchain will be promptly used for Digital Marketing and the supply chain bringing transparency to overall method.

The proven Blockchain technology is altering the industrial norms and challenging organizations to take up new projects on these interesting technologies. 

  1. Bots – Artificial Intelligence based or multiple choice scripts based – bots are increasingly gaining popularity in IT development. The chatbots are something that is now integrated into a number of websites to showcase your availability on the Internet and have an instant chat with the person that seeks out to reach you. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said- “Bots are the new apps.” Developing the bots is a step to enter an era where the sophisticated trained robots can automatically interact with a sense of emotions. Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa digital assistant are some of the popular bots that sooner or later we had used. The development and acceptance of  Poncho and  Domino’s AnyWare chatbots, is hitting the success of bots this year, former one describing does the weather forecasting and later one allows you to order pizza 24*7 without even logging on to the site. The entwining of bots using Artificial Intelligence and modern technologies is experiencing a new kick in the technological industry.

Conclusion: These notable million-dollar technologies will continue to have a tug-of-war to be listed as the best technological trend in 2018. The world is modernizing with the latest technologies and folks are adopting the same to mark the era of development in technology as successful.



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