Summer calls for IPL!

  • March 18, 2021
  • Category: Our Culture

With the summer approaching, IPL has been called on and we all participated enthusiastically.

Infowind Premier League, the turf cricket match observed all its players full of energy and sportsmanship. The teams- Blue Rudras and White Masters strategized with their players on how they can exhibit their excellent performance and win the match.

Everyone tried their hands at the game, those who are the superstars and also those who are newbies. Some scored well and others learned to play well.

Both the teams took on the ground, tossed, and started with the game. Team Blue Rudra’s players were setting a good target for the opposition by hitting it hard and running it fast. The proper shots during batting and gaining the wickets during fielding made the Blue Rudra’s win the first two matches. They were over-joyed and could see themselves heading towards the prize money.

But the game took the turn when in the final match, White Masters players planned and executed – “The Key Will Be Early Wickets” and in less than 3 overs, Blue Rudra’s lost their best hitters. And then it became difficult for them to recover and lost the Match to White Masters. There were faces happy and sad, celebrating and teasing. We all could learn- “The victory can be uncertain”.

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