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Qflix is a revolutionary digital queue solution designed to enhance user experience when visiting their preferred destinations. The app allows users to book slots in digital queues, providing a unique twist to the conventional queue system. With its innovative features, Qflix aims to eliminate the frustration of being at the end of a queue by introducing bidding capabilities and a tiered system for user engagement.


Queue Frustration: Traditional queues lead to user dissatisfaction.
Inefficient Queue Management: Inefficiency in managing and optimizing queues for businesses.
Lack of User Engagement: Existing queue systems lack features that actively engage users, resulting in a passive and unfulfilling waiting experience.


Dynamic Bidding System: Introducing a dynamic bidding system empowers users to strategically secure preferred positions, eliminating frustration associated with traditional queues.
Tiered User Engagement: Implementing a tier system for user engagement, providing daily rewards, and discounts, enhances the overall waiting experience and incentivizes user participation.
Standby List Optimization: The standby list feature ensures optimal utilization of positions, reducing wait times and maximizing efficiency.
Virtual Business Profiles: Offering virtual business profiles with ratings and reviews allows users to make informed decisions, promoting transparency and trust.
Flex Pool for Social Engagement: The Flex Pool feature enables users to create bidding teams, fostering social interaction and healthy competition among users.
Varied Bidding Types: Offering two bidding types, minimum spend bidding and access-only bidding, caters to different user preferences and business models.
Efficient Queue Management: Businesses can optimize queue management by choosing between traditional queues and bidding systems, adapting to their specific needs and maximizing operational efficiency.


Bidding System:
Businesses can opt for a traditional queue or introduce bids to allow users to secure preferred positions by placing higher bids. Tier system for user engagement, offering daily rewards and discounts. Redeemable points for users upon successful bid payment.
Standby List:
Users who win bids but do not claim their positions can be replaced by others on the standby list. Ensures optimal utilization of positions and reduces wait times.
Virtual Business Profiles:
Users can explore and evaluate businesses through virtual visits, ratings, and reviews. Enhances transparency and trust between users and businesses.
Flex Pool:
Users can create bidding teams by inviting friends to participate collectively in bids. Fosters social engagement and competition among users.
In-app Chat:
Users can create bidding teams by inviting friends to participate collectively in bids. Fosters social engagement and competition among users.
Bidding Types:
Minimum Spend Bidding: Allows users to redeem a percentage or full amount of their bid on food and drinks as per the business's terms and conditions. Access Only Bidding: Focuses on securing a position in the queue without redeemable benefits.


Enhanced User Experience: Users can bid strategically to secure desired positions, eliminating the frustration of being at the end of the queue.
Efficient Business Operations: Businesses can optimize queues based on bids, maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.
Social Engagement: Flex Pool and in-app chat features promote social interaction and engagement among users.
Transparent Business Profiles: Users can make informed decisions by exploring virtual business profiles, ratings, and reviews.

Tech stacks we used

Mobile app
Android & iOS
Programming Language
React Native
Back-end APIs
Admin Panel
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