The first focus timer which cares not only about your productivity.



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First Pomocoro-timer, which cares not only about your productivity, but also health and your joyful and quality time! Physical, as well as mental, condition is extremely important for achieving higher goals. So, Timer4Life is meant to improve both of these. Fight procrastination, stay focused during work at home/office, studying, doing chores, spending time with your baby, while practicing your piano or guitar skills – anything! Stop being exhausted after a long day, and get maximum pleasure from your daily routine!


Daily Struggles: Coping with stress and anxiety has become a daily challenge for many individuals. The fast-paced nature of modern life has exacerbated our mental health concerns.
Escalating Mental Health Issues: Over time, our mental well-being problems seem to intensify. The evolving landscape of our society contributes to the worsening of these concerns, creating a more challenging environment for maintaining mental health.
Hectic Lifestyles: In today's busy and demanding lifestyles, carving out time for mental well-being becomes increasingly difficult. The constant rush and pressure make it seem almost impossible to prioritize mental health amidst daily responsibilities.
Common Mental Health Struggles: Individuals regularly grapple with a spectrum of mental health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, anger, lack of concentration, negative mindsets, lethargy, depression, and numerous other related challenges.
Difficulty Establishing Healthy Habits: Those attempting to address these mental health issues often encounter difficulties in establishing and maintaining healthy practices. Forming habits that contribute to mental well-being becomes a persistent struggle for many individuals seeking improvement.


Customized Mental Health Support: The app aims to provide personalized solutions to enhance mental health by incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices. It tailors its content to address individual user problems, ensuring a unique and relevant approach for each user.
Personalized Content Delivery: Focusing on users' interests, the app delivers customized content that aligns with their preferences. This approach ensures engagement and relevance, making the mental health enrichment journey more enjoyable and effective for each user.
Facilitating Habit Formation: The app goes beyond mere content delivery and actively guides users on their meditation journey. By fostering a supportive environment and providing consistent guidance, the app encourages users to form habits of healthy practices, promoting sustained mental well-being improvement over time.


Enhanced Productivity with Classic Pomocoro Timer: The app features a classical Pomocoro timer coupled with brief activities for rejuvenation during 5-minute breaks, fostering improved concentration and productivity.
User-Friendly Experience with Timely Notifications: Boasting an intuitively understandable interface, the app ensures a seamless user experience. Users receive timely notifications, eliminating the possibility of missing the commencement of the next cycle, enhancing the effectiveness of their work or study sessions.


Efficiency and Reliability: Our Pomocoro-timer prioritizes workability and reliability, providing a seamless and efficient experience. The user-friendly interface is designed for comfortable work, ensuring that users can focus on productivity without unnecessary complications.
Simplicity in Task Management: With our app, there's no need for time-wasting actions. Task management becomes straightforward – creating, editing, and starting tasks are all easily accomplished. Users can personalize their tasks by selecting matching icons, adjusting the number of cycles, and adding essential details effortlessly, promoting a simple and effective workflow.

Tech stacks we used

Adobe XD
Mobile app
Android & iOS
Programming Language
React Native
Local Store
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