Bridging the Gap Between Lost Pets and Their Owners



Mobile Application
PetNosh is a groundbreaking pet NFC Belt detection application designed to increase the likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners. Our mission is to offer a seamless and effective solution for pet owners to register their pets and for anyone who finds a lost pet to effortlessly connect with the owner.


Tag Scanning Issues: Initially, the app faced challenges related to tag scanning on both iOS and Android platforms. The reliability of scanning the pet tag was compromised, hindering the overall effectiveness of the service.
Location Sharing Issues: Issues with accurately sharing the user's current location posed a challenge. Ensuring that pet owners receive precise location information was crucial for the success of the application.
Thumbnail Issues in Vaccination Documents: Thumbnail issues in the pet vaccination documents section affected the user experience. Resolving this concern was essential for providing users with a clear and organized view of their pet's medical records.
NFC Tag Integration in Frontend: Integrating NFC tags into the frontend presented technical challenges. The diverse types of NFC tags resulted in difficulties in successful scanning. The selection of the appropriate tag type and ensuring compatibility with existing libraries became a significant task.


Tag Scanning Improvement: The tag scanning functionality underwent a comprehensive update to address compatibility issues on both iOS and Android. This enhancement significantly improved the reliability and efficiency of the scanning process.
Enhanced Location Sharing: The location sharing feature was refined to overcome inaccuracies, ensuring pet owners receive precise information about their pet's location. This improvement played a crucial role in expediting reunions between pets and owners.
Thumbnail Fix in Vaccination Documents: Technical issues causing thumbnail problems in the pet vaccination document section were successfully resolved. This improvement provided users with a visually coherent and user-friendly interface.
NFC Tag Integration Optimization: The challenges with NFC tag integration were overcome by opting for the NDEF tag type. This standard NFC tag type proved to be the most compatible with existing libraries, ensuring a smooth scanning process for pet tags.


NFC tag-based pet registration
Lost pet notification through webpage access
Accurate location sharing for quick reunions
Organized pet vaccination documents
Seamless NFC tag integration for a smooth user experience


Increased chances of reuniting lost pets with owners
Efficient and reliable pet tag scanning on both iOS and Android
Enhanced user experience with accurate location sharing
Clear and organized access to pet vaccination records
A seamless pet reunion experience with the PetNosh app

Tech stacks we used

Mobile app
Android & iOS
Programming Language
Back-end APIs
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