EmoPet Connect is a dog emotion recognition app



Mobile Application
EmoPet Connect is a dog emotion recognition app where the user clicks or uploads their dog's image in the app, and then the app processes it to detect the dog's emotions. It provides information about the dog's feelings. This is a subscription-based app, and it includes Chat-GPT 4 integration, enhancing the app's responses and making interactions smoother. Additionally, users can inquire about anything related to their dog through the integrated chat feature.


Technical Complexity: Integrating complex features and functionalities seamlessly.
User Experience (UX): Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Compatibility: Ensuring the app works smoothly across various devices and platforms.
User Acquisition and Retention: Attracting and retaining a consistent user base.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensuring the app is bug-free and performs well.


The biggest challenge we faced was setting up the ChatGPT Turbo APIs. We needed to configure it in such a way that whenever a user approached us with their queries, the system responded politely and informatively, resembling an expert while also ensuring a friendly interaction with the user.
The high-fidelity design of our app had been created, and then additional screens were added along with some features. We implemented those as well.


Image Recognition for EmoPet Connect: The main feature of our app is that you can upload an image of your dog, and the app will recognize the image, providing you with the emotions of the dog in text format.
Personalization Page: Tailor your experience by sharing details about your emopet friend's name, favorite game, and more.
Dynamic Paywall: Experience uninterrupted access with a flexible paywall structure offering options like free trials, discounts, and exclusive perks.
Chat Functionality: Engage in conversations and receive personalized suggestions based on your dog's preferences and emotions.
Membership Plans: Choose from weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription plans for a premium ad-free experience.
Limit Alerts: Receive notifications when approaching usage limits for features such as chat, image uploads, and downloads.
Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special deals and discounts, making premium features more accessible and enjoyable for you and your emopet friend.


Enhanced Bonding: Understand your dog's emotions and preferences, strengthening the bond between you and your emopet friend.
Personalized Suggestions: Choose from weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription plans for a premium experience.
Limit Management: Stay informed about usage limits for various app features, preventing interruptions and optimizing your experience.
Dynamic Paywall: Experience flexibility in subscription plans, including free trials and discounted offers, catering to diverse user preferences.

Tech stacks we used

Mobile app
Android & iOS
Programming Language
React Native
Back-end APIs
Admin Panel
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