Manifold benefits of WordPress in Website development

December 13, 2018



In the midsummers in 2003, a storm was experienced in Content Management System, when the framework WordPress was launched. WordPress is open-source software licensed under GPLv2.  When the word “WordPress” strikes our ears, the brain responds to it as a blogging platform. But in recent years, it has also gained popularity as a non-blogging platform used for crafting and developing websites. 

WordPress is now the most adopted framework and over 30% of the websites are running on WordPress. Due to a large community of people using WordPress, it is flourishing and growing to spread its roots like an old giant tree. This powerful tool has its own knack for editing and designing websites as per your requirements. 

The framework WordPress can’t be missed out whilst the thought of Web Development hits your mind. It is the best CMS platform for website creation. After the launching of the WordPress framework, CMS has seen an astronomical rise in the adoption of its frameworks for development. WordPress has overtaken other CMS like – Joomla, Magento, or Drupal. It is insanely powerful and gaining popularity for the following notable points-

Cost-effective – The contributing hand to the popularity of WordPress is its “free to use” feature. There is no licensing, hidden charges, or annual fees associated with the WordPress websites. You can download and install WordPress with a single click and have the freedom to use, run, copy, or modify without any permission. As stated- “All that is available for free is not always good”, but it is not true for WordPress. WordPress is simple and easy and its hosting is available to you without imposing any charges. Because of this feature, WordPress has advanced through leaps.

Responsive websites – WordPress comes with unprecedented features that have made even the newbie developers the masters. As time is passing by, enormous and rich WordPress features are being added to the websites thereby increasing their functionality. It is incredible to use and develop the websites in this framework as it has innumerable built-in capabilities that make your websites more dynamic and responsive.

The additional libraries available, plugin offerings, theme customization, page creation are the key components in structuring WordPress websites. Unresponsive websites ruin user experience but WordPress websites can surely bag the “fast loading websites” title. The overall turnaround time for these websites is most of timeless than those compared to the paid hostings for other frameworks.

Ease of updating the content – In a nutshell, WordPress is most desired due to its content editing comfortness. The amazing functionalities like sliding images, social media integration, contact forms, testimonial add-ons, and a lot more just require a click to add it to your website even without the knowledge of development. You need not always hire developers to make changes to your website. WordPress lets everyone have self-control on their websites.

SEO Ready websites –   The WordPress framework is easy to crawl on Google and so those websites are SEO friendly. As WordPress was initiated as a blogging tool, it is more suitable for content marketing as compared to other frameworks. When your website contains the Google targeted keywords, the content is searched and visible easily increasing its SEO ranking. The WordPress websites have shown optimal results in Google indexing. WordPress sites generate RSS feed making it easy for optimizers to find new and updated content making the WordPress websites SEO friendly.

Security – Being the most popular CMS framework, WordPress at times may be the target for hackers. And because of the same, the owners may always nag for the security of their websites. Like all other frameworks, WordPress offers website lockdown, 2-way authentication, using SSL to secure your website, etc. as security features. The savvy developers at WordPress are always working to make it a secure framework and provide automatic updates to it.  


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