Laravel: Simplifying Your Development Workflow

May 1, 2023


Taylor Otwell released the Laravel PHP web application framework in 2011. Elegant syntax, robust functionality, and user-friendly layout contribute to its widespread popularity. Laravel simplifies creating web apps and APIs by providing programmers with the necessary tools and resources.

Built-in verification, routing, templating, & database administration are just some of the tools and capabilities available to developers today. Because of its adaptability, Laravel may be altered and expanded by programmers to meet the specific needs of every given project. This makes it a great framework for developing everything from small personal websites to large enterprise-level apps.

Introducing Laravel Pennant

Pennant, the newest version of Laravel (albeit neither Pennant nor Laravel 10 have stable releases as of this writing), is now accessible. This implies that Feature Flags and how they can enhance the Laravel developer experience and product management will be exposed to a wider audience. Regarding new features, Laravel never ceases to amaze, and Laravel 10 is no exception.

Everything from Laravel 10’s new features and functionality to its deprecated methods and packages is covered in this article.  First-party package Laravel Pennant, developed and maintained by Laravel core team member Tim McDonald, makes it easier to keep track of feature flags in projects that get frequent updates. Its database and in-memory array driver provide a convenient option for users.

To initiate:

— Put the software in place
— Share the configuration file
— Perform an upgrade

When database migrations are executed, a new table called “features” is added. Feature flag resolution in Pennant can be performed using an in-memory array or a database. If you are wondering, “what is a feature flag,” you are not alone.Laravel Feature flags allow you to make experimental layouts, pages, and features available to a limited set of users, such as internal staff. They allow for controlled experimentation during the feature lifecycle by enabling certain functionality at runtime without deploying new code.

  • Easy to integrate and helpful to developers.
  • Full support for external libraries
  • Safe and sound, the MVC design is also dependable.
  • The mechanism for routing using a blade-shaped template engine

Is Laravel the Best Framework?

Developers often choose Laravel over other frameworks due to its extensive collection of pre-installed functionalities. Laravel allows programmers more freedom of expression while creating websites. Efficiency is increased due to its comprehensive documentation and many web application features.

Laravel’s powerful security feature makes it a viable option for creating highly secure projects by providing structure to otherwise unstructured scripts. Laravel is one of 68 competing framework technologies, yet it still holds the crown as the most user-friendly option.

Laravel Interest over time

Laravel Interest over time

Laravel is now hosted on GitHub. On GitHub, you may find 72.8k favorites and 23.5k forks. More than 15 million sites are kept on Laravel, and GitHub statistics show that 711,178 live websites use Laravel.

Laravel’s user base has increased by 37% in only one year. By 2023, Laravel will have been adopted by top-tier software engineers. It  has 2357 clients in the web development business, 1787 in digital marketing, and 1717 in software development. However, just 1062 businesses in the eCommerce sector are Laravel users.

Laravel 4 New Functions and Features

The latest version of Laravel includes enhancements to the framework’s security, functionality, and speed. Since past versions of Laravel have been so well received by the Laravel web development company’s developer community, newcomers and veterans alike have high hopes for the forthcoming Laravel 10. Check out the features that come included with Laravel 10:

1. Laravel Pennant

Laravel Pennant, introduced with Laravel 10, introduces Feature Flags for applications, allowing users to quickly implement new features in small increments and toggle them on or off in real-time. It will be a part of Laravel’s well-designed and built package, which delivers cutting-edge functionality as a lightweight, simplified approach.

Among its many application programming interfaces (APIs) and cutting-edge features are an in-memory ‘array’ driver, an A/B test design of interfaces, a trunk-based development strategy, and a ‘database’ driver for ongoing feature storing.

2.Declarations of Local Types in the Source Code Template

The application framework code in this release will include declarations of native types. This demonstrates that the framework’s output code will include features such as method arguments, client land types in closing arguments, etc., and return types and type indications. Before, Laravel’s skeleton code was written using DocBlocks; now, native-type declarations will be utilized instead.

Laravel Usage statistics


This new eager loading optimization function is similar to a fixture in that it solves the problem of many infeasible queries. To cut down on unnecessary database queries, Laravel will generate a query if no keys are loaded and return a false if no keys are available.

3.Saves Money

Laravel’s open-source and no-cost nature is a major selling point. You may utilize it without cost, but only if you invest in a competent programmer to create your product. Laravel projects save money in the long run since they are simple to create and keep updated.

4.Prospects for Future Laravel Use

Looking at the present, we can safely assume that technology trending is the key to the future. Laravel’s rapidly expanding community is there to assist when constructing websites or online apps.


Developers in the Laravel community will likely be eager to get on board with the release of Laravel 10 trending in technology since it promises significant improvements over previous versions. Is it necessary to update to the newest version, though? The most important aspect of Laravel development is that once you install a fresh instance, the codebase is yours to keep. The application will continue to function even if the version is outdated. Therefore, upgrading to the most recent version may only sometimes be required.

If your current project is working properly, there is a feature that may aid in performance improvement, and a full testing cycle has been conducted in your infrastructure, you can upgrade to Laravel 10 by using Laravel Development Services at Infowind Technologies.


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