How Python is Contributing to Web Development

May 16, 2024

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages today. However, Python is being used extensively for web development due to its features like multi-purpose frameworks, fast processing, and large community support.

Python has a wide range of applications and easy, beginner-friendly syntax.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the contribution of Python to Web development.

So, let’s start the process.

What is Python Web Development?


Python web development is the process of creating web applications or websites by making use of the Python programming language. It is a multi-purpose language which is known for its easy-to-learn and remember syntax.

In web development, it is used to write server-side logic that runs the web applications. It can handle HTTP requests and responses, data storage and retrieval, provide dynamic content, and implement business logic.

Now, let’s discuss the advantages Python provides.

Advantages of Python Web Development Over Other Programming Languages


Python provides several advantages over other programming languages. We go through some of them in detail.

Large Community Support

Python has very large community support, which contributes to its growth. This community provides libraries, resources, and frameworks which are specifically meant for web development. This makes Python a good choice for web development, offering solutions for various requirements.

Easy to Understand

Python’s clean and intuitive syntax makes it easy to learn and understand. It allows developers to build concepts with fewer lines of code, making web development faster and more efficient. Python’s simplicity also allows both beginners and expert developers to collaborate and work with ease.

Python is similar to English that is used in everyday life. Simple syntax allows for dealing with complex systems and ensures that all elements have a clear relationship with each other.

Database Connectivity

It is very simple to establish database connectivity with Python. Accessing and implementation can easily be done with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. These databases can easily be called by their respective APIs.

Highly Scalable

Python is highly scalable which makes it suitable for high-traffic web applications. It has advanced features like asynchronous programming, which allows Python frameworks like asyncio and Django to handle simultaneous requests.

Python has very good integration capabilities which allows integration with languages like C or C++. This enables developers to make use of high-performance libraries which are written in these languages.

Large Number of Frameworks & Libraries

Python language has a wide range of libraries and frameworks that help extensively in web development tasks. For example, Django is a web framework, which provides a set of tools to build complex web apps.

Flask is another flexible micro-framework that allows developers to have more control over the application’s structure and components. Pyramid and Bottle are the other two frameworks that provide a solid foundation for web development.

Python libraries have large volumes of pre-written code, which means developers don’t have to waste time creating basic things.

Supports SEO

Competing on the internet with other websites is not an easy job these days. You must have a strong online presence to get the attention of your target audience. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what is needed to achieve this goal.

SEO does not depend only on the website content but also on the programming language used. Since Python is almost like human language, it is possible to curate readable hyperlinks with target keywords and the best SEO principles.

Machine Learning & AI

Because of their utility, developers are trying to incorporate Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in many projects. This is possible only if you make use of the right language. Using Python for web development opens up many opportunities for using AI and Machine Learning tools.

Python provides Machine Learning packages and tools for displaying results, which augments this area of application.

Simplifies Debugging & Deployment

Application testing is one of the major advantages of Python for developers, which leads to saving time and money. It simplifies debugging, deployment, and building prototypes. The reason is that its easy syntax and readability make it perfect for learning automation.

It also provides easy to employ UT framework, which even enables geolocation testing for mobile devices.

Highly Secure

Python language has been used since the ’90s, which means that it has constantly been improved for 30 years now. An experienced Python developer knows the strengths and weaknesses of the language and knows solutions to common issues.

This makes Python an ideal choice for web development when you want the web app to be as secure as possible. Python is widely used in the fintech industry because it can handle large amounts of data and provide military-grade security.

Platform Independent

Python is a platform independent and websites built by making use of Python can be run on multiple operating systems. You need to make only a few changes to the source code. This saves a lot of time for developers when they test the web app on different platforms.

For web development projects, hiring developers who have experience as well as expertise in Python, is a good option.

Integration with IoT

The Internet of Things(IoT) is taking the world by storm and Python supports IoT applications. By making use of Advanced Python programming concepts, developers can create their gadgets and connect them with the world at an affordable cost.

Popular Use Cases of Python for Web Development


It is a popular platform for everything, including news and discussion threads. You will not be aware, but whenever you send a request to Reddit via your browser, the web server uses Python to translate your request. The necessary HTML is sent back, which is visible in the browser.

Thus, Python acts as the middleman between the server request and what you see on the screen.


You must have bought several products on Amazon, but do you know about the technology that powers the e-commerce giant? Amazon makes use of Python Machine Learning algorithms, which interact with Hadoop data storage. This technology stack powers the recommendations you see to buy new products.


You must have heard your favorite songs on Spotify, which you were earlier hearing on CDs. So, you know how much easier it has become to listen to music. Spotify makes use of Python in its web backend, which has many interconnected services.

Spotify also has a data analytics package called Luigi, which powers its Radio and Discover features. Luigi is coded using Python.

To Conclude…

Having seen the advantages Python provides for web development and some of the popular use cases of Python, you will be convinced that Python is contributing immensely towards web development.

If you want a robust web application with all the latest features and technology, you should strongly consider Python for your development requirement. The Python community will only grow further, providing unwavering support to its users.

So, go for it!

For your Python development requirement, get in touch with Infowind.


Author Bio:

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