Clutch Hails Infowind Technologies as one of the Game-Changing Healthcare App Development Companies this 2024

February 22, 2024

There are many companies from different industries that utilize a lot of the new technologies available today. One of the biggest trends in today’s market is the usage and development of different applications to help with business process, services, and even products. Solve some of your problems by creating your bespoke app today with the help from our Infowind Technologies team!

Infowind Technologies is a likable and committed group of IT experts with over ten years of expertise in a world that is constantly updating. We have been providing 100% successful IT services to clients worldwide for the past ten years. We help our clients with the design and development of several types of applications, including desktop, cross-platform, mobile, and web applications.

The goal of Infowind Technology’s founding was to transform IT solutions for clients all over the world. This passion for developing amazing digital products in the market has recently helped us lock our spot on Clutch’s list of game-changing Healthcare App Development Companies on their platform. We are honored to be recognized for our invaluable efforts and dedication in the development industry!

Clutch, for those of you who don’t know, is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space.

We would like to celebrate this milestone by showcasing some of the best reviews and testimonials on our Clutch profile! Here they are:

“Their ability to listen attentively and promptly respond to our requests significantly contributed to the smooth execution of tasks. Infowind consistently displayed a high level of professionalism and dedication to understanding and fulfilling our needs, making our collaboration seamless and highly effective.

Overall, Infowind’s project management capabilities, combined with their responsiveness to our needs, were instrumental in achieving our objectives. Their commitment to timely delivery and attentive response to our requirements have made them a valued and trusted partner in our projects.” Sakshi Chavan, Senior Strategic Partnership Executive at Nimap Infotech

“Together we developed a really new and innovative way for a customer to check out in Shopify. The whole thing in an APP is that we can also easily and flexibly adapt to new customers. The Infowind team was really keen on delivering good quality. They never give up even when it gets a bit harder to find a solution.” Michael Walser, CEO of merconic GMBH

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