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December 28, 2022


Infowind Technologies – A Trusted Partner for Mobile App Development: Vipin Maru

With top-notch services and commendable expertise in mobile app development, Infowind Technologies implements an innovative engagement model to deliver customer-oriented solutions. This article by GoodFirms intends to express the entire journey to success traveled by the CEO of Infowind Technologies – Vipin Maru. 

About Infowind Technologies

Founded in 2012, Infowind Technologies started with the best of intentions to develop innovative software for their valued clients. Headquartered in MP (Madhya Pradesh), this company aims to provide high-quality products and believes in delivering impeccable services. With the help of dedicated and skilled designers and developers, the company offers proficient mobile and web application development services. 

Furthermore, the experienced and knowledgeable team members strive hard to remain ahead in the competitive market. The team’s priority is to offer quality services and maintain the reputation of the company; the final goal is employee satisfaction. The team possesses the strength of team spirit and competitive advantage that enable clients to fulfill their dream. Consequently, the company has gained the esteemed position as one of the top mobile app development companies in India at GoodFirms due to its awe-inspiring business solutions.

GoodFirms team got the opportunity to converse with the renowned company’s CEO, Vipin Maru, and talk about how his company gained efficiency and growth through their hard work and vital services.

While introducing Infowind Technologies and elucidating his role within the organization, Mr. Maru replied that the company delivers innovative software design and development solutions. The team of more than 50 members focuses on digitizing the business and enabling clients to meet their business demands proficiently. The niche of development services remains in the following technologies/languages Node.js, React Native, React.js, Laravel, iOS, Android development, and Flutter few to mention. 

The Success Story of Infowind Technologies 

Mr. Maru recalls that the story of Infowind Technologies began with a team of 3 members who possessed a matchless interest in coding and an entrepreneur mindset. With rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, and executing two jobs simultaneously, the dedicated team members successfully built the brand- “Infowind Technologies”- in a brief period. Interestingly, the company has delivered outstanding software services to more than 350 clients.

Building Trust and Relationships

When questioned about the company’s business model, Mr. Maru expressed that, fortunately, the company includes in-house and outsourced highly qualified team members. With a tech-savvy and agile team, the company aims to deliver impeccable solutions, build clients’ trust which ultimately leads to boosting the bottom line. Further, the company has solid corporate relations in the industry which has enabled it to yield positive results.

Thinking Out of the Box

Mr. Maru clarified that his company is different from the competition as the creative and technical team of professionals here are trained to think out of the box and deliver innovative solutions.Also, they work hard towards achieving organizational growth and success with the help of their experience in trending technologies.

Catering to Diversified Industries

Team GoodFirms asked Mr. Maru about the industries they generally cater to. He confirmed that the company is the strategic partner to 100+ clients that have benefitted from the software development services. The company has rendered expertise to the industry domains with cutting-edge solutions for the last ten years. The team of professionals has served  several industries in various domains like supply chain management, social networking, e-commerce, food and restaurant, real estate, finance, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and much more.

The CEO further added that the company holds expertise in developing multi-purpose applications using technologies like MERN Stack, React Native and Shopify. The company has gained a lot of clients as it delivers all these services at the best rates in the industry,simultaneously maintaining high-end quality.

Delighted Customers are the Key to Success

Mr. Maru feels proud to say that Infowind Technologies’ customer satisfaction rate is 95%. The skilled team members put a lot of effort into performing a detailed discussion on requirement gathering and adequately presenting wireframes to the clients so that they can have a clear understanding about the flow and outcome of their projects.This transparency helps in bridging the gap between team members and clients resulting in excellent and profitable outcomes.

Moreover, the company earnestly values the clients and provides a 3-month free support system post-development. Subsequently, the organization offers annual maintenance contracts to the customers. 

What Do Customers Say About Infowind Technologies?

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Cost-Effective Pricing Models

On asking about the payment structure, Mr. Maru answered that the company works on fixed-cost, hourly, and dedicated resource models (monthly). The organization can choose short-term and long-term contracts per the project requirements. Following the clients’ requirements, the team members put in additional efforts to train the developers and even keep upgrading the technical skills of the developers timely.

The CEO further stated that the company has a sound industry reputation and a lot of work to look after. The company has a minimum ticket size of 20K USD or similar in any convertible currency for any fixed-cost project to maintain the quality of the deliverables. In 2021, as the industries struggled to survive due to Covid-19, Infowind catered to projects within the price bracket of 20k-150k USD.

While concluding the interview, the CEO was asked where he sees his company in a decade; he gladly replied that his company holds the vision to be known as one of the known IT service providers that deliver quality service with the latest cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Further, the company follows corporate social responsibility principles for the betterment of people, planet, and society.

To know more about the success story of Mr. Maru and his company Infowind Technologies you can go through the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site 

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