Benefits of Digital Marketing for IT Companies

December 9, 2022


Digital marketing should be incorporated efficiently in IT companies. You can easily access online channels such as search engines, email, social media, and can strongly brand your product and reach out to more consumers.

In fact, in recent times, companies have strongly incorporated digital marketing as a marketing strategy to attract more customers, and they’re ready to spend a bomb on making it thrive.

According to Gartner’s annual survey report, the average marketing budget of big tech giants has witnessed an exorbitant surge from 6.5% in 2021 to 9.5% in 2022.

It covers an optimized allocation of budgets for all online channels, including SEO, content, social media, and more.

Most companies primarily believe in devising strong SEO strategies by developing an appealing website to demonstrate their services to the users.

IT companies have to ensure that they consider all the keywords and jargon related to technology, software services, and rates.

It can impart all valuable information more transparently to the users. Besides, it can help in optimizing the content on websites.

If you’re keenly interested in diving into some strong marketing ideas and the benefits digital marketing can offer to your company, this blog will walk you through it!


What’s Digital Marketing?


In essence, digital marketing involves promoting brands or services to all potential customers via the internet or other online channels.

It’s also referred to as “online marketing. You can make the most of different digital marketing tools to reach out to more customers.


How’s inbound marketing different from digital marketing?


Often, inbound marketing and digital marketing are swapped, as both of them strongly exist to draw the attention of buyers and eventually convert them into potential customers.

It also involves email marketing, which sometimes makes the marketers bark up the wrong tree.

However, there’s a thin line of difference between them. If you vigilantly look at both the approaches and prospectuses, you can firmly differentiate between the two marketing methods and determine which one works the best for your company!

Digital marketing takes into account the ability to use marketing channels and tools to rigorously convert them into prospects.

Either the company will focus on all the multiple marketing channels or it will focus on one channel to increase the customer base.

For instance, if a company has to curate content for social media platforms, it will stick to them and ignore the other digital marketing platforms.

In contrast, inbound marketing has a lot to cover! It more closely follows a holistic approach by first taking into account the company’s goal and then the available tools to reach more customers and prominent leads.

Once you can successfully assess it, you’ll cumulatively prepare for the sales stage.

For instance, if your goal is to increase website traffic to get more potential leads and increase the customer base, you will kick off with creating strong SEO strategies and developing effective content marketing strategies, which also include creating optimized blogs, pages, and content.

If you’re a marketing expert, you know that you don’t necessarily have to chase one over the other.

Sometimes, both inbound marketing and digital marketing can get along well and be effectively implemented where inbound marketing adds a proper structure and direction to digital marketing by ensuring that each digital marketing channel is functioning well and serving its purpose.

Which type of Marketing is beneficial for IT Companies?


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search engine optimization is a marketing tool used to rank higher on search engine result pages. You do have to conduct extensive research to optimize the web page for better ranking.

You can optimize the web page considering the high quality of the content, the increase in the number of inbound links, the high user engagement, and the user-friendliness.

This explicitly covers the front end of the website. Besides that, it also involves optimization of loading time, URL structure, and broken links.

It’s all part of technical search engine optimization and is important for better crawling and ease of navigation.

Implementing these parameters can be a massive game changer for higher rankings.

If your website ranks on the first page of Google, the odds are high that most users searching for the query will land on your page and discover your products and services. This will also help them more to reach out to you.

However, there is no thumb rule for ranking. SEO is not just a science but also an art, as Google’s ranking algorithm keeps fluctuating with time.

Hence, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and study it before incorporating them.

Assess your page’s performance back and forth for better results!


2. Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is about increasing brand awareness and attracting website traffic by keeping the audience hooked on it.

It’s a great tool to effectively promote your brand, services, and products and reach out to potential audiences.

In the era of the digital world, people are crazy about special media platforms and scroll them massively.

You must have heard about some insanely popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Each social media platform has its benefits and attracts different kinds of audiences.

For instance, if you have just started a new brand and want to attract young customers as an audience, instagram is the best platform to hit.

You can also run social media ads on it for better reach.

If you’re wondering about the performances, you can make the most of the engagement metric tools to estimate your reach toward audiences.

You can also assess the types of interactions with which users are most hooked and how actively they participate.

If you want to ace the game, make sure to incorporate these practices to level up.

Curate engaging content. Create a social media calendar for a better breakdown of your schedule. Post frequently to keep the users engaged. Know your audience and what kind of content they’re looking for.

If possible, hire a social media expert to handle all the accounts.

3. Content Marketing


When it comes to the ranking and optimization of web pages, content is always a paramount element to consider.

Not every piece of content succeeds in delivering valuable information to audiences and results in boosting the rank.

Hence, SEO plays a pivotal role and, if incorporated optimally, may end up boosting the rank and traffic.

You need to have a decent analysis of your target audiences. The end goal is always to bring in more leads and eventually convert them into customers.

The catch in content marketing is to curate valuable yet engaging content for users’ better interaction.

Once the audience gets engaged with the content, it becomes easier to build strong relationships with them.


4. PPC Marketing


Pay-per-click is a type of digital marketing in which you have to pay a fee whenever anyone clicks on the ad.

You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to run the ads on channels; instead, you can pay for the ads when individuals interact.

It’s tricky to break down and have a predefined process as it depends on the type of ads you’re running.

For instance, if you’re doing search engine advertising, Google’s the best platform to consider, and Google Adsense is great to use.

It’s relatively simple to use, as whenever any spot on a search engine results page (SERP) becomes available, the search engine actively fills it with an auction.

It also depends on various factors such as keyword relevance, ad quality, landing page quality, and undoubtedly the bid amount.


5. Email Marketing


The concept of email marketing is relatively easier to decipher and is all about sending promotional emails in the hope that any prospects click on them.

However, there’s a catch. You can send irrelevant emails and have to ensure that your emails interest the recipients.

Make sure you blatantly mention the kind of emails you’re sending to the subscribers.

There’s an email signature attached with an unsubscribe option. You can also integrate both promotional and transactional emails.

If you want to be on the cutting edge, it’s wise to always categorize your audiences and ensure that you send the campaign to the right people.

Create a campaign schedule and run the A/B tests.


Benefits of Digital marketing for IT companies


It makes no sense if you can’t make the most of digital marketing, especially when it’s ruling the world.

IT companies can leverage digital marketing by conducting the entire sales process online, as potential users are already scrolling through their devices.

Hence, the odds of someone using your product or service online get higher. You can easily approach them.

Besides, here are the benefits that digital marketing can bring to your company:


1. Easy Tracking


With digital marketing, tracking gets easier as you can monitor the performance of your website and gauge the marketing strategies to check whether they’re working or not.

You can use some awesome tools to dig out how many users have come across your blog and whether they’re interested in the content, or how many users have noticed the PPC ad.

It also gives a tad of an idea about which software marketing strategy is working and which you should drop.


2. Plethora Branding Opportunities


Every IT company primarily focuses on increasing its sales when contemplating strategies.

However, the internet also enables you to spread knowledge and impart valuable insights to your potential customers while raising brand awareness.

It also opens a door to establishing your company as a reliable and trusted source of information and guidance.


3. Better Delivery of Services


Your customers are accessing your products online, either on the web or on mobile devices.

With the ease of the internet, things become easier as if they bump into any trouble, they can easily reach out to you through social media platforms or emails and get it addressed.

This gives you a chance to provide better services to your customers and increase customer loyalty.


4. Better Reach


Although you can easily communicate with your customers through advertisements or emails, unless they call you, they don’t have any way to respond.

However, with digital marketing, customers can easily reach out to you, ask queries, voice their opinions, and recommend the products to others. It’s relatively easier for them to access your services.


5. Strong Customer Relationships


Earlier, companies used to market their products by showing them to customers and insisting that they buy them. It was all about traditional marketing!

However, now companies focus on sales by not chasing traditional marketing and pitching them to buy it but more by either raising awareness or entertaining the customers through different social media strategies.

It all boils down to building strong customer relationships.

6. Quick and Efficient Marketing


Due to the ease of the internet, everything gets expedited, and you don’t have to wait for ages to launch a campaign and then further look for sales or demos.

You can conveniently send tons of well-structured emails or posts about the products, resulting in a surge in leads and sales.

Isn’t it astounding how digital marketing can quickly accelerate the entire marketing process in just a snap?


Effective Marketing Strategies


 1. Create Valuable Content


Most users get driven by companies that share valuable information with their customers, which is a great way to win their hearts.

Curate content that can deliver useful tips and information to customers. To achieve this, you will have to come up with strong SEO strategies to ensure that your website ranks higher and can easily be discovered by customers.


2. Run Paid Campaigns


Beyond content marketing, it’s equally important to shed some light on running advertisements. Precisely PPC ads

If you run ads on Google, the most popular and widely used platform, the chances of users coming across them get higher.

In addition, you don’t have to pay much, as mentioned above, and will only have to pay when users click on it and visit your website.

It’s a far better option than billboards, where you have to pay a handsome amount of money just to deliver the message. Is it even a viable option?

Why do you have to go through a cumbersome process of sales and tracking when you can do it all in one place without splurging?



Digital marketing is the best way to stay afloat in the market by attracting leads and eventually converting them into customers.

The extent of personalization it can offer customers based on the data is the best way to deliver personalized experiences tailored to their needs.

The company’s potential growth exceedingly depends on the way you embrace the different possibilities of digital marketing.


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