Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Everyday Life

June 28, 2023


More organizations are increasingly turning to AI technology and its many specialized offshoots to automate formerly labor-intensive tasks. Artificial intelligence has become crucial in improving our enjoyment of media, communication with mobile gadgets, and even our ability to operate motor vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It?

This is a robotic procedure. Machines programmed with artificial intelligence may know from past interactions and modify their replies to fit the needs of the user better or persuade them to adopt new habits.

Machine learning, deep learning, and NLP are the pillars upon which artificial intelligence rests.

Everyday Uses of Artificial Intelligence

The digital revolution of society is being facilitated by software and technologies driven by AI and ML that replicate human cognitive processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems take in data about their surroundings, method that data, identify issues, and take corrective measures to make life simpler for humans.

Entertainment Streaming Apps

These streaming applications analyze the user’s preferences and viewing habits to provide personalized recommendations. These applications employ AI to sift through mountains of user data in order to curate personal libraries of media items like movies and TV shows.  AI also helps ensure smooth streaming by automatically allocating users to the nearest server.

Navigation And Maps

AI has made traveling much more accessible. Google or Apple Maps on your phone may help you go anywhere you need to without needing paper maps or instructions.

What exactly tells the program where to go? And what about the best possible path, roadblocks, and traffic jams? While just satellite-based GPS was previously accessible, the addition of AI has dramatically improved the user experience.

To improve map visualization and recognize and interpret house and building numbers, machine learning algorithms save the edges of the structures it has learnt. To further aid in recommending a path that avoids bottlenecks and congestion, the software has been trained to comprehend and recognize changes in traffic patterns.

Assistance To Clients

These chatbots employ natural language processing to understand user queries and provide appropriate replies. Examples of businesses that utilize AI-powered chatbots for customer service include H&M and many more. These chatbots may field all sorts of questions, from order status and updates to refund requests.

Recognizing Faces 

Facial recognition is one of the most popular smartphone security options, and most users utilize it. Use it quickly without having to worry about entering any patterns or passcodes. Artificial intelligence is responsible for this simple but ingenious addition.

Just as humans utilize biometrics like face and voice recognition to identify members of other species with whom they share the planet, the AI facial recognition capability does the same. AI may now learn the user’s face coordinates using machine learning (ML) technology and store them for future use. 

Intelligent Automobiles 

With the rise in reported accidents, more people may have fantasized about having automobiles that prevent fatalities. AI has made possible what was once science fiction: self-driving cars that obey traffic lights and navigate curves and challenging routes cautiously. Thanks to AI applications’s machine learning capabilities, entirely autonomous vehicles are no longer science fiction.

Keyboards With Smart Input

Autocorrection and language identification features have been combined in recent mobile keyboard applications to make typing more accessible and more efficient. These applications use AI to quietly and effectively fix typos, toggle between languages, and guess the next word you’ll type. AI developers train these applications to recognize the context of a user’s typing and generate accurate predictions using the “random forest” machine learning method.

Typewise and Swiftkey, two popular keyboard apps, now support more than 300 languages and regional variants. Extra features like instantaneous translation and built-in search engines have been developed recently.

Algorithms For Search And Product Suggestions

Have you found that the recommendations made to you when you wish to watch a movie or purchase online are often related to your hobbies or recent searches? These sophisticated recommendation algorithms have studied your online habits and preferences in order to provide personalized suggestions. Machine learning and deep learning are used to store and evaluate the data gathered at the front end (from the user). After learning your tastes, it suggests products you like or music you enjoy listening to.

● Chatbots

Customer support interactions may be a source of frustration and wasted time. It’s a pricey and difficult-to-manage division for businesses. The employment of AI chatbots is one prominent AI-based answer to this problem. Automated responses to commonly asked queries, order taking and tracking, and call routing are all made possible by algorithms in computer programs.


As opposed to going to a store, why are more and more consumers making their purchases digitally? You may still apply your own custom filters, such as by price or design. Standardized product-search categorization is made feasible by fundamental AI algorithms.


With the help of AI, the banking industry has gone entirely digital. Getting cash out or moving funds around can be done in line. In digital banking, all operations are automated by AI chatbots, so customers don’t need to be present to start a transaction. Financial institutions are using artificial intelligence chatbots to boost customer satisfaction by facilitating constant and effortless communication with clients.

Artificial intelligence chatbots have made many banking services more user-friendly, from account creation to electronic payments.  Financial institutions use chatbots to aid in middle-office tasks such as fraud detection and prevention, AML process enhancement, and KYC regulatory check assurance. This removes any potential for fraud and makes banking easier for individuals and businesses.

● Games

New gamified apps are being developed to test players’ resolve in the face of impending failure. This is facilitating research into treatments for emotional distress experienced by gamers and the broader public. Some of these games provide CBT using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, increasing the player’s immersion in the therapeutic process. As the player proceeds through the game, AI assists in making adjustments depending on the user’s behavior and the studied stimuli.


These applications highlight the widespread interest in and usage of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence affects our lives in almost every way. You may be presented with a different coffee option when you place a mobile order. During your lunch break, Instagram may recommend a new video. You use Google Maps to find a new restaurant for supper. We could go on and on, but these eight applications of AI illustrate its nature and scope.


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