6 Benefits of upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for Web Development

August 6, 2021



The year 2018 has marked the stable release of Magento 2. And it is still questionable by the merchants about the benefits of upgrading from Magento 1 website development to the use of Magento 2. Magento- an open-source eCommerce platform widely used in web designing and development for most of the online stores over the internet, has now come up with its advanced version i.e. Magneto 2. The top-rated features of Magento 2.x versions are creating an awesome experience for the users. The debate about migration between the two versions may continue for an indefinite period of time but the developers, at last, will love to migrate to the latter one. 

Magento offers tons of features to the Magento website developers to create online shops for the customers. The customizable shopping cart options, applying the coupons, pricing and discount rules, tracking the order, multilingual and multi-currency support, etc. were the features offered by Magento 1. Enriching the existing features with the new structures and tools, the second version has come down in the Magento web development market. Land Rover, Jaguar, and Paul Smith are some of the Magento 2 developed websites. Let’s throw some light on the out-of-the-box convincing features of the latest version of Magento.

Website development options available with Magento 2

  • Improved Performance and Speed- The Magneto development companies mention that Magento 2 has accelerated the website performance by reducing the response time, providing a better shopping experience to the customers. The speed of loading a home page with Magento 1x developed websites was recorded to be 2.25 sec which is reduced to 1.06 sec with Magento2x, illustrating that the speed of version 2 is more than 50% than the first. The second edition process up to 39% more orders per hour. Such astonishing results force us to proclaim that Magento 2 has improved the performance and speed of the websites.
  • Enhanced Security- Magento 2 has come up with patches that have enhanced the security of the websites. Magento is much concerned about vulnerabilities and security tips. Strong data encryption, session validation, cookie validation, CSRF Protection etc are some of the features of the Magento 2 security. It has strengthened its encryption keys, resolved issues with persistent cross-site scripting via user accounts, and made Magento code not accessible after the installation. All these features have helped Magento web design and theme development companies to achieve security in their websites.
  • Faster Checkout- Most people often skip checkout due to it being a tedious action. The slow process of checking out in Magento1 involved 6 steps which were time-consuming, and so degrading the customers’ experience. Magento 2 had an overwhelming re-fit to this tweak, and the checkout is made 38% easier and quicker than Magento 1 with a 2-step process. The Magento 2 extensions fix the problems of storing and sending chunks of data to the clients, improving the site performance. This faster and simpler flow of checking out has increased the conversion rates to Magento websites.
  • Improved mobile browsing: The improved website performance, loading speed, and faster checkouts has improved the mobile browsing of the customers and has new shopping experiences. The page views per hour and the capability to take the orders per hour of the Magento 2 designed and developed websites have also scaled up to thrice and five times respectively. Mobile browsing has also supported the increase in the above figure.
  • Optimized shipping: Magento 2 has optimized shipping with various methods- Flat rate, Table rates, and Dimensional weight applying charges that are either fixed, depending on shipping cost, or based on the weight of the carriers. It has the means to add and configure the shipping carrier among which are UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc thus providing better shipping options to you.
  • Email Marketing: The dotmail marketing tool in Magento 2 store has features- single sign-on and access to bulk information, email and SMS automation, customer data synchronization, etc. It has a possibility to track ROI on Magento websites.

Bottom Line

After reading the article, it is no surprise that Magento 2 has a bagful of advantages and the feature-rich version is now available for all the developers for the Magento website development. The security updates in Magento 1 are soon to end in 2018 and would no longer be available further. So dive deep into Magento 2 and upgrade seamlessly to its advanced version.


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