Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Service Companies in 2024

March 21, 2024

It Staff Augmentation

We thoroughly examined the data to compile the best IT staff augmentation company transforming the IT industry. Whether you’re an IT specialist looking for fresh prospects or a company looking to hire the best IT personnel, this carefully selected list is your road map to success. Together, let’s go off on this adventure!

1. The Flock

The Flock stands out as a guiding light for business owners looking for quick access to Latin American talent that has already undergone background checks. This organization changes the outsourcing game by guaranteeing a smooth interaction with experts in as little as two weeks. Flock stands out from other leading IT staff augmentation providers by offering elite remote engineering skills. It offers proficient English-speaking resources that are in sync with US time zones.

Key Points-

  • Specialized in innovative software solutions for over 10 years
  • Employs a dedicated team of 100+ professionals
  • Successfully launched 3000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $35
  • Rated 4.8/5 on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by clients like Apple, Samsung, and Tesla

2. ValueCoders

One of the leading businesses in India offering the finest IT workforce augmentation services is ValueCoders. They have provided top-notch IT skills to several startups and large corporations, enabling them to meet their objectives. Their services include flexible workforce augmentation, bespoke on-demand resources and talents, and extending into the IT industry.

Key Points-

  • Renowned for custom software development for 15+ years
  • Houses a workforce of 700+ skilled professionals
  • Completed over 20,000 projects for clients worldwide
  • Competitive hourly rate of $30
  • Recognized with a commendable 4.75/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • A trusted partner to companies such as Harvard, Conde Nast, and World Bank

3. Infowindtech


Infowind Technologies one of the Top IT Staff augmentation Companies in India is an essential partner, having helped over 100 clients with software components. They have certified IT Professionals with over 10 years of experience in a fast-paced upgrading world. Infowind assists the clients with Designing and Development of Web, Web App, Mobile App, Cross-Platform App, Desktop App, and many more. Infowind Technologies was incepted with a mission to revolutionize the IT solutions for the clients spread globally. The developers at Infowind not only deliver quality software but a code that is easy to understand and brings clarity to the developers and a neat product to the end party.

Key Points-

  • More than 15 years of industry experience
  • Employs a dedicated team of 150+ professionals
  • Successfully executed 7000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $20
  • Rated 4.8/5 on GoodFirms
  • Proudly served clients like Amazon, Early Salary, Tech Mahindra, and Intel

4. Resourceifi

Resourcifi stands out as a key partner for entrepreneurs wanting to use Indian developers to accelerate their company development in the competitive field of top IT staff augmentation businesses. The business takes pride in not just comprehending its customers’ needs but also solving issues that they may not even be aware of.

Resourcifi is the best IT staff augmentation company when it comes to data security and confidentiality. Strict standards for secure data management are given top priority.  Their cheap offshore costs and superior solutions are advantageous to entrepreneurs, making Resourcifi an affordable IT staff augmentation provider. Resourcifi gives company owners complete control over the source code, enabling them to expand, improve, or alter their software in response to changing market conditions.

The group consists of very knowledgeable and experienced developers, guaranteeing expertise based on a proven track record of accomplishments. Resourcifi provides customizable engagement models, much like other leading IT staff augmentation providers. Thus, it is a top option for company owners looking to hire trustworthy developers to hasten the expansion of their enterprise.

Key Points-

  • Specialized in IT consulting and development for over a decade
  • Boasts a talented team of 200+ experts
  • Completed 5000+ projects globally
  • Hourly rate: $40
  • Acclaimed with a remarkable 4.9/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by esteemed clients like Cisco, BMW, and Adobe

5. ScienceSoft

With more than 750 IT professionals on staff—of whom about 50% are leads and seniors—ScienceSoft can provide you with whatever specialist you need to finish your development cycle.

After many years of using a staff augmentation model, the organization has a well-defined procedure in place to handle even last-minute personnel requests. Typically, ScienceSoft takes a full day to provide requested resumes to a customer and two to four days to schedule interviews with the best-fitting applicants. Additionally, the business offers customers a flexible hourly pricing plan so they may only pay for the job that gets done. Top IT staff augmentation firms, IT staff augmentation services, and Avenga IT staff augmentation businesses.

Key Points-

  • Leading software development company with 32 years of experience
  • Employs a workforce of 1000+ professionals
  • Successfully delivered 30,000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $55
  • Garnered an impressive 5/5 rating on GoodFirms

6. Avenga

Avenga emerges as a major player in the field of leading IT staff augmentation organizations, with a focus on bespoke software development. Entrepreneurs turn to Avenga when they need complete IT engineering and consulting services because of its extensive history spanning more than two decades, during which time it has successfully produced customized software solutions.

Their worldwide outlook guarantees a varied approach to projects, allowing companies to use unique software solutions fully. Because of its dedication to quality, Avenga leads the way in IT staff augmentation. This business provides entrepreneurs with a dependable agile software development partner, much like other leading IT staff augmentation organizations.

Key Points-

  • Expertise in digital transformation solutions for over 20 years
  • Employs a proficient team of 3000+ professionals
  • Completed 15,000+ projects for clients worldwide
  • A competitive hourly rate of $60
  • Rated 4/5 on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by clients like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, and SAP

7. Softellar

IT staff augmentation services, stellar IT staff augmentation businesses, and top IT staff augmentation companies.

One of the leading providers of IT staff augmentation, Softellar is a powerhouse headquartered in the European Union. Custom software development is its area of expertise. Entrepreneurs gain from their consistent dedication to providing superior solutions that are customized to meet specific demands.

Softellar establishes enduring connections with customers by providing outstanding service and support based on openness, honesty, and measurable outcomes.

Softellar’s dedication to EU-based bespoke software development guarantees that companies obtain solutions that comply with local norms and laws while navigating the difficult world of current technology.

Stellar is a great option for business owners looking for dependable IT staff augmentation services in the European Union because of its proactive approach and emphasis on long-term collaborations. The IT augmentation environment gains a vital dimension with Softellar’s experience for firms seeking top-notch software solutions.

Key Points-

  • Specialized in mobile app development for 8+ years
  • Houses a talented team of 80+ experts
  • Completed 2500+ projects for clients worldwide
  • Hourly rate: $45
  • Recognized with a commendable 4.8/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • A trusted partner to companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Toyota

8. Parthenon Software Group

Parthenon Software Group establishes itself as a valuable strategic partner for company owners of all sizes through its dedication to comprehending industries and resolving challenging problems. Its skill and agility, along with those of other leading IT staff augmentation organizations, guarantee that businesses continue to run smoothly.

Key Points-

  • Premier platform connecting companies with top-tier software developers
  • Access to a global network of 10,000+ developers
  • Successfully matched talent with 5000+ projects
  • Hourly rate varies based on developer expertise
  • Rated 4.8/5 on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies

9. Luby Software

Luby Software, a leading provider of IT staff augmentation, is known for its ability to offer solutions via a dependable and effective method. Luby Software specializes in improving product safety and speed. With a workforce of over 300 specialists working smoothly across US and European time zones, the company operates across time zones.

Entrepreneurs entrust their projects to Luby Software’s UX/UI design, engineering, project management, and quality assurance competence, guaranteeing a dependable and competent partner in their quest for IT staff augmentation solutions with worldwide reach.

Key Points-

  • Emerging software development firm with 5 years of industry presence
  • Employs a dynamic team of 50+ professionals
  • Successfully delivered 700+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $25
  • Acclaimed with a 4.75/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by growing startups and enterprises across various industries

10. Ideaware

Among the best IT staff augmentation providers, Ideaware stands out for allowing business owners to grow teams with qualified IT personnel from Latin America easily. Ideaware is dedicated to delivering high-caliber software engineers on demand, enabling companies to drive their initiatives effectively.

Key Points-

  • Specialized in UX/UI design and development for 12+ years
  • Houses a talented team of 120+ experts
  • Completed 4000+ projects for clients worldwide
  • Hourly rate: $40
  • Recognized with a commendable 4.8/5 rating on GoodFirms


After examining the top 10 staff augmentation companies, business owners will have a compass to help them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. These independent giants provide a wide variety of services, from growing teams with international experience to establishing connections with talent in Latin America.



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