Top 10 React Native Development Companies

March 20, 2024

react native development

React Native development businesses are uniquely transforming the app development industry. Developed by Facebook, this open-source platform has revolutionized the process of developing mobile apps by fusing the benefits of native app development with React, a popular JavaScript user interface design framework. React Native has gained popularity among developers and businesses worldwide due to its ability to reuse code efficiently and accelerate development times.

React Native is ranked among the top three mobile development frameworks of choice for professionals by the “State of JavaScript 2021” poll. Its market presence also reflects its broad usage. React Native is slightly ahead of Flutter, with around 38% of the global market share for cross-platform mobile frameworks, according to a 2021 Statista analysis.


EPAM Systems leads in both physical and digital product development and provides digital platform engineering services. Well-known for its creative approaches, EPAM thrives at offering broad advising and consultancy services supported by highly creative design abilities.

EPAM is known for its unique engineering DNA, which is seen in every project it works on. The organization is actively committed to building a tangible future for its customers and local communities throughout the globe, using the strength of internationally dispersed hybrid teams to have a big influence.

Key points –

  • Over 25 years of industry expertise
  • A workforce of 50,000+ skilled professionals
  • Successfully delivered 25,000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $50
  • Acclaimed with a 4.85/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by leading organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon

2. Infowindtech

Infowind Technologies, being listed as one of the top React Native Mobile App Development Companies was established in Indore, was founded in 2012 to create novelty software. To offer top-notch items and assist Infowind customers in making the most of them, they developed the ability to supply flawless services in website and mobile app development. They have a rich tech stack and certified developers that bring a lot of software to the table.

Key points –

  • More than 15 years of industry experience
  • Employs a dedicated team of 150+ professionals
  • Successfully executed 7000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $20
  • Rated 5/5 on GoodFirms
  • Proudly served clients like Amazon, Dell, HP, and Intel

3. Yalantis

Yalantis is equipped to provide exceptional solutions thanks to its several development centres located around Europe and its strong workforce including more than 500 qualified individuals. Fintech, healthcare, logistics, IoT, real estate, hotel and hospitality, and the automotive sector are just a few of the industries they serve. SaaS development, all-encompassing company solutions, digital transformation tactics, mobile software product development, cutting-edge communication tools, and blockchain integration are just a few of the many services that Yalantis provides.

Key points –

  • Specialized in mobile and web development for over a decade
  • Houses a talented team of 200+ experts
  • Completed 5000+ projects for clients worldwide
  • Hourly rate: $40
  • Recognized with a commendable 4.7/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by esteemed clients like Google, Porsche, and Canon

4. Miquido

Leading software development firm, Miquido focuses on creating high-calibre digital goods via design and development. The firm was founded in 2011 and has its main office in Poland. It offers companies full-cycle development services, including the creation of native React apps.

They have a reputation for creating customized digital goods for companies of all kinds. Utilizing the newest technologies and trends, strategists, designers, and developers allow quicker and more effective development.

Key points –

  • Renowned for innovative digital solutions for 10+ years
  • Employs a skilled team of 250+ professionals
  • Successfully delivered 8000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $35
  • Acclaimed with a remarkable 4.9/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • A trusted partner to companies such as Skyscanner, Abbey Road Studios, and Herbalife

5. Geniusee

For customers and partners globally, Geniusee offers full-cycle software development, tech and business consulting, and support. With an emphasis on FinTech and EdTech, the 200-person certified professional team has accomplished over 150 noteworthy projects in various sectors.

As a certified Advanced Tier Service Partner and AWS Consulting, Geniusee has garnered significant accolades. Their AWS Education Services Competency and AWS Lambda Service Delivery Designation set them apart. These certifications demonstrate Geniusee’s commitment to the highest standards in information security and quality management.

Key points –

  • Specialized in custom software development for over 8 years
  • Houses a dedicated team of 100+ experts
  • Completed 3000+ projects worldwide
  • Hourly rate: $30
  • Garnered a commendable 5/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by esteemed clients like Volkswagen, BMW, and UNICEF

6. S-PRO

S-PRO is a different React Native app development firm and a creative technology partner. They support startups in developing cutting-edge goods and provide digital empowerment to already-established companies. The talented S-PRO team has the know-how and capacity to provide a comprehensive, customized approach and produce intricate, widely accepted solutions.

Key points –

  • Expertise in blockchain and enterprise solutions for 7+ years
  • Employs a proficient team of 150+ professionals
  • Successfully executed 4000+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $45
  • Rated 5/5 on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by clients like BMW, Land Rover, and Huawei

7. Telkoware

Based in Toronto, Canada, Telkoware is a digital transformation firm. Their team of skilled experts develops practical solutions that enable organizations to achieve their objectives more quickly and effectively by using the newest technology and processes.

Key points –

  • Specialized in cloud and AI solutions for over 5 years
  • Boasts a workforce of 80+ skilled professionals
  • Completed 2000+ projects globally
  • Competitive hourly rate of $55
  • Recognized with an impressive 5/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by top-tier companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Cisco

8. Dewzilla

As a strategic partner, Dewzilla specializes in developing powerful brands, cross-platform experiences, and innovative approaches that successfully engage and match customers’ target audiences while accommodating constantly shifting demands.

Their main goal is to improve customers’ online visibility by keeping them constantly abreast of new developments in the industry. Dewzilla works with customers all around the globe, providing tailored solutions to solve their most urgent problems and provide long-lasting competitive advantages.

Key points –

  • Emerging software development firm with 3 years of industry presence
  • Employs a dynamic team of 50+ professionals
  • Successfully delivered 500+ projects
  • Hourly rate: $25
  • Acclaimed with a 4.75/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • Trusted by growing startups and enterprises across various industries

9. Rootstrap

Rootstrap is another React native app development firm that aids companies in bringing their ideas to life. Their primary goal is to provide scalable, high-quality software solutions that promote expansion and success. Additionally, their end-to-end solutions are customized to fulfil the needs of every customer.

Key points –

  • Renowned for product strategy and development for over a decade
  • Houses a talented team of 120+ experts
  • Completed 4000+ projects for clients worldwide
  • Hourly rate: $40
  • Recognized with a commendable 5/5 rating on GoodFirms
  • A trusted partner to companies such as Mastercard, Google, and Spotify

10. Capgemini

Leading the way in helping companies utilize technology to manage and transform their operations is Capgemini. The Group’s daily direction is determined by its mission: to employ technology to unleash human potential for a sustainable and inclusive future. Scattered throughout more than 50 countries, the 360,000 team members make up a diverse and responsible company. Driven by the dynamic and cutting-edge worlds of cloud, data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms, clients rely on Capgemini’s strong 55-year history and extensive industry knowledge to handle all aspects of their business needs, from strategy and design to operations.

Key points –

  • Leader in digital transformation, technology, and consulting worldwide
  • Counts over 300,000 people working for it globally
  • Has completed more than 250,000 projects;a reasonable sixty dollars an hour


To sum up, the app developers we spoke about are competent in their field. These React Native app development businesses all have advantages and disadvantages. Based on the specifications and nature of your project, you can locate the ideal fit for your needs. Before making a decision, make sure all teams are suitable matches for your company goals by having a detailed discussion with them.


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