The Team

Our Partners in Progress

Our strength and competitive advantage is our team, which is why Infowind believes to create a space where people can fulfill their dream. We ensure that we reward and recognize people who speak their minds and do things differently.
Our major strength is team spirit and will remain the same as a core of us comes through the leagues together.

From CEO’s Desk

The Software Industry led to sustainable changes in the ecosystem. Realizing the potential of IT, we stepped in too and are constantly motivated to craft the software for every customer landscape in the global markets.
Having an entrepreneurial mindset, I have goals to enhance business growth and contribute to society by serving people with digital technological products. Cultivating an attitude of optimism and building trust is what I rely upon. In a nutshell, my vision as a CEO can be summed up in three words- Innovation, Technology, and Relation.

Mr. Vipin MaruCEO & Founder

Our People make us Great

We are all computer nerds who can look onto the same screen for hours, we produce the tic-tac sounds with the mouse and keyboard, have laugh-out-loud moments during lunch, hop to the pantry for the pizza slices and sing along the lyrics while the music is being played.

Team Infowind
From coding to consuming countless coffee, we almost excel at everything in the industry. Here the employees are motivated, appreciated and celebrated. Our success stair when plotted on a graph is pretty much close to perfect because of the team that trusts in the organization and help us to grow.
Team Infowind
The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team. At Infowind, there is always a space to accommodate the word “WE” anytime. Stuck in any problem? There will definitely be a helping hand to pull you out. Our bonds are strengthened over the tea breaks and concepts become strong during work time.
Team Infowind
Our dining area has heard the loudest laughs, most lame jokes, the secret gossip, party plans, and witnessed the most exchange of lunch boxes. A company certainly achieves a lot when there is growth not only in terms of figures, strength, or space but also in terms of relationships that you cherish life long.
Team game
Ohhh! It’s an out! That’s exactly how our players react during any recreational activities. Work is important but mental peace is more important. To have a balance of both and build a great and interactive team, Infowind Technologies’ makes sure to conduct the matches, minute-to-win it games, competitions, adventure trips, etc.
Team Infowind

The meetings at Infowind are none less than the brainstorming sessions. Our team members always come up with the amazing ideas that helps us stand out of the rest. We have a zeal to deliver the best to the client and so our random meetings help us complete the milestone within a given timeframe.

Team Infowind

Christmas Carols, Holi Hangovers, or Diwali-Dressups, every festival is celebrated at Infowind with enthusiasm. Our team is a good example of cultural diversity and so we get to learn a lot new about various religions, teachings, and traditions. We respect and are open to accepting people of all communities at the workplace.