No matter what business one owns, every master looks up for the software development once in a while to reach the new heights in their business. The owners anyway have to opt for the software development and get their work noted online. While they decide to have their business coded, they probably have to make a choice between handling the responsibility either to a software development company or the freelancers out there. Both of these are the best sources for converting your business into a digital frame, but you can’t have the two in your clutches and so opting the one is crucial!

You should be comfortable with the option you choose as the end product will be a success ladder for the business person and so compromising with it is a chance to risk it. Whether it’s the freelancer or the best software development company, either should deliver you the product that has been stitched meticulously. Although, both the competitors develop using the agile methodology that promotes the continuous iteration of development and testing, enabling the client to suggest changes in the prototypes, still, there are some other factors that must be taken into consideration while you finalize one of the two. Beneath are the accumulated pros and the cons of hiring the freelancers and the software development companies for your finished custom development goals.

Pros and Cons of hiring a software development company

The professional software companies are emerging and growing like a weed across the globe. India is a hub for the best website development company. Every other day is marked as the foundation of a software development company in India and so the business people from the world look to sign with these companies to set their online business with the help of the developers dwelling in the organization. But as every coin has two sides and so every software development company has pros as well as cons alike the freelancers. Let’s take a view over these points-


  • Expertise at one stop– The development firms have the collective expertise in their house. The talents do not require to be searched individually over the network as you are supposed to do for the freelancers. Your search time reduces and you get the best experts at one stop.
  • Continual Process– Placing your order for software development with a web development company ensures a continuous process as, during any bugs or the errors, there’s the whole team to help you out. Thus if a developer is stuck in the midst, the teammates and the colleagues can resolve it and the flawless development process continues.
  • Improved Quality of Service– Team knowledge and support is greater than an individual’s. Also, the work culture in a website development company is appreciable where it provides the employee’s entertainment, relaxation, knowledge etc. Thus, making it easy for the employees to concentrate and develop and ultimately improving the quality of their work.


  • High cost- Although, lower cost does not always mean cheaper, the freelancers provide solutions at a lower price and the software development company hands you over and increased price bill. Thus, the companies are expensive for web development as compared to the freelancers.
  • Miscommunication–  The multi-layers or the tier-system in the companies require the analysts to bridge between the developers and the client. And so, there are chances of miscommunications where one of the elements fails to express or understand the actual requirements.

Pros and cons of hiring a freelance software developer-

If you’re a startup or a small-sized enterprise, then the freelancers will surely help you in getting off the ground. They are the perfect fit for the kinds of developers you require and fit into your budget. Hiring a freelance developer instead of the emerging and leading website development companies is conducive because of the following –


  • Cost-Convincing– The freelancers at most of the times charge lower rates than the development agencies or the web development company. The companies try to compensate the tax, medical assurance, conveyance, infrastructure costs and other such benefits provided to the employees through the projects that are placed to them. Whereas the freelancers are paid on an hourly basis, thus there are fewer chances of incurring more expenses.
  • Flexible working hours– The freelance developers most of the times make their availability when required by the clients. They can help the clients even sharing the different time zones and are there to solve the issues that the client wants to be resolved. Being in any software development company, the developer turns up only during the office hours and so it is not so easy to communicate with the clients.
  • Transparency– If you hire a freelancer, there is more of the transparency between the developers and the client which ensures a single layer of communication involved between the two parties. In contracting a particular web development company, you do not have one-to-one communication with the developers, that sometimes lead to pitfalls and the development is headed to a wrong direction.


  • Lack of control– If at times, there arise some disagreement between the two faces, the freelancer would not convince the client going, but the development company would have another mediator who tries to win the client and set it back. Thus, having a big team is a plus point.
  • Scalability– Scaling with the freelancers for future projects is difficult, because the client looks up for assigning some other projects too to the developers that deliver the best. But, those new projects may require other talents also to be involved, which can be easily shifted to other developers in a company and the client need not search for other freelancers. Thus, scaling is difficult with the freelancers.   

Bottom Line-

The whole lot of a thing has been discussed about the freelancers and the development companies. Ending this tug-of-war between the software development company and the freelancers and rather than deciding which one to choose based on the views of other people, you can be a specialist too and choose the best one! So what’s your choice for development?