Vue.js Development

Vue.js Development

    Infowind Technologies is one of the leading Vue.js development companies. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled Vue.js developers who build your Vue JS application with 100% client satisfaction. Our experienced software developers have expertise in implementing effective Vuejs development solutions across varied business requirements including cross-platform compatibility, reusability, and scalability.

    Products built using Vue.js Technology


    Facebook uses Vue.js to render its News Feed. This has proved itself over time to be a reliable use of Vue for a large-scale application, as Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the industry.


    So far, Vue.js has proven to be an ideal tool for the team of developers at Netflix who’ve decided to create a platform like this. It is based on modern technologies, highly functional and offers exciting new opportunities.


    Nintendo used Vue.js to create the My Nintendo website, their regional websites in Europe and some of their game pages on the official website. Vue.js makes Nintendo’s online experience smooth, responsive, and scalable for its millions of users.


    Portfolio is a web application that allows users to build a personal website for showcasing work. Vue.js is used by the Adobe team to develop the platform with a focus on UI and UX.


    Now Alibaba can do that, plus it no longer has to invest in its expensive own framework. Instead, the team deploys Vue.js on every project and uses it to improve the user experience through additional features.


    Each one of our cars becomes a concept car in its own right. With the help of Vue.js that is revolutionizing web development, BMW Group’s innovative technology brings your car to life and delights consumers, spectators and drivers alike.

    Why Vue.js?

    Vue.js is a lightweight framework for developing interfaces and single-page applications. It facilitates faster and bug-free development, and assures smoother delivery of projects within the deadlines. Weighing just 23kb, Vue.js has an outstanding performance and quality, which makes it faster than other frameworks.

    The virtual DOM in Vue.js provides undo functionality with which developers can modify the UI without making any changes to the codes. This helps in quicker development and modification of templates written in JavaScript and running them successfully on different browsers.Vue.js has an easy to understand structure that eases the process of reading and removing errors from codes.

    Why Choose Infowind for Vue.JS Development Services

    Infowind Technologies is a leading Vue.js development company known for serving today’s business needs and delivering the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost. We can be the best choice to build a web app using Vuejs for the following reasons:

    • Client satisfaction
    • The Agile Procedure
    • Dedicated Teams
    • Integrity and Transparency
    • Flexible Engagement Models
    • Competitive Pricing


    To get these benefits hire Vue.js developer from us.



    Which is better, Vue or React?

    It is difficult to define a clear winner between React and Vue since both, React and Vue has pros and cons. From the developers' perspective, Vue.JS is easier to learn compared to ReactJS.

    What is Vue used for?

    Vue is a JavaScript framework for building web interfaces and powerful single page applications.

    Which big companies use Vue.js?

    Some of the biggest brands in the world are using Vue.js. Google, Apple, Behance, Nintendo, Adobe, BMW, Upwork, Trivago and more are examples.

    What kind of applications can VueJs be used to build?

    Vue.Js can be used to build various types of web applications. Here are the lists of top-ranking applications that you can build using Vue.Js: Single page web apps Large-scale apps Real-time apps Simple web apps Streaming apps Team collaboration apps

    Why is it beneficial to outsource VueJS web development?

    Here are the key benefits of outsourcing your Vue.JS Web development in India: Low operational and development costs Flexible to work during your preferred time-zone Access to an experienced developer Improved development times Developments times will be reduced Guaranteed quality services State-of-the-art technology A better understanding of various platforms