Laravel Development

Laravel Development

    At Infowind, our team of Laravel developers helps enterprise startups and established companies in building customized web and mobile applications. Our experience in Laravel development services includes implementation of the backend, frontend, and database-driven functionality.


    Our Laravel development team, with years of experience and expertise in the domain, offers business-grade solutions for your enterprise. If you want to use the Laravel framework for your website or application, we are ready to serve you.

    Top websites built using Laravel


    The website 9GAG, which is an online social media platform, has more than 150 million users. This site manages its user base with the best experience possible by making use of Laravel developers and PHP Vue.JS.

    About You

    About You, a fast-growing European e-commerce company, has built an excellent website using Laravel. As a result, the company earned a reputation and had a market capitalization of over USD 1 billion.


    Ratio is an innovative Fintech company headquartered in the UK. built its finance platform primarily using PHP and the Laravel framework. These tools have no doubt allowed the company to provide secure and highly functional platforms for its clients in over twenty different countries.


    TourRadar is a travel company, providing a marketplace for travelers to experience the best of what the world has to offer. The company offers over 1 million tour departures and 500 operators; By harnessing the power of the Laravel, the company was able to deliver a frictionless experience to its users.


    Pfizer, a large pharmaceutical company with a reputation for integrity. To help match their world-class medicines with their customer service, the company chose to hire dedicated Laravel Developers to build a website for the firm and host a customer interaction system.


    Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform for businesses in the UK that hired Laravel developers to create the website. The company has matched more than 800 companies with investors, and it has a database of more than 7.5L registered investors.

    Why Laravel for web development?

    A highly scalable Laravel solution can provide your business with the tools it needs to meet evolving demands. Laravel web applications have become increasingly popular due to the feature-rich framework and its ability to build scalable websites.


    Laravel is a web application development framework that implements the MVC pattern. This feature allows Laravel to improve the overall performance of web apps. Because of its ideal structure, it is an optimal choice for building new applications.


    Laravel’s security features serve to protect your data and the integrity of your site. No need to be concerned about session hijacking, cross-site forgery requests, or SQL injection attacks.

    The Laravel Queue System is a powerful and reliable system that is used to schedule jobs. It is designed to work behind the scenes and out of the way, providing excellent performance while also handling all load-balancing needs.


    Laravel is notoriously fast and flexible. It is also secure, modular, and simple to use. This makes it the perfect choice for the development of a project.

    Why Infowind Technologies for Laravel Web Development?

    Infowind Technologies is a leading Laravel development company in India known for its expertise in building high-quality applications and delivering the best solutions. We constantly research the latest frameworks and technologies and apply them in your project to deliver user-friendly, scalable, secure, and innovative solutions for your business.


    We work within an Agile methodology, achieving our project objectives by conducting frequent scrum events to optimize our practices and methods. We are a dedicated team of Laravel developers who apply proven strategies and best practices to develop high-end business solutions. We respect your ideas, provide you with regular reports on all aspects of the project, and are open to your suggestions.


    Instead of working within our clients’ rigid and strict parameters, we offer the flexibility to choose their own engagement and hiring models. Our experienced team of web developers combines cost-effective rates with top-notch programming to provide a low price point.



    What is the Laravel framework used for?

    Laravel is a PHP framework used to speed up the development of websites and web apps by providing common features that users have come to depend on in modern software.

    How much does it cost to develop a website with Laravel?

    The cost of Laravel web development services depends on many factors such as your required platform, the categories of your website, its complexity, the country of the developer, and the number and type of features you want in your app. Let us know your requirements to get an estimate.

    How long does it take to build a Laravel-based website?

    Time required to develop a Laravel-based website depends on multiple factors: the platform or framework on which development is taking place, complexity of the design, level of experience of the developer, number and type of special features and functionality to be incorporated, quality testing, etc. Let us know your requirements to get an estimate.