Team Sec-6

Christmas Carols, Holi Hangovers, or Diwali-Dressups, every festival is celebrated at Infowind with enthusiasm. Our team is a good example… Continue reading Team Sec-6

Team Sec-5

The meetings at Infowind are none less than the brainstorming sessions. Our team members always come up with the amazing… Continue reading Team Sec-5

Team Sec-4

Ohhh! It’s an out! That’s exactly how our players react during any recreational activities. Work is important but mental peace… Continue reading Team Sec-4

Team Sec- 3

Our dining area has heard the loudest laughs, most lame jokes, the secret gossip, party plans, and witnessed the most… Continue reading Team Sec- 3

Team Sec-2

The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team. At Infowind, there is… Continue reading Team Sec-2

Team Sec-1

From coding to consuming countless coffee, we almost excel at everything in the industry. Here the employees are motivated, appreciated… Continue reading Team Sec-1