NodeJS for Backend Web Development in 2023

January 5, 2023


Most programming languages have become quite obsolete with the introduction of new emerging technologies. However, NodeJS is an exception. It got into existence in 2009 and is still a popular technology.

NodeJS is primarily used for back-end web development. In addition, it’s a Javascript runtime environment based on the Chrome V8 engine and is used to develop both server and desktop applications.

In fact, according to research conducted by W3Techs, more than 1.5% of companies consider to Hire Node.js Developer for web development in 2021 and its demand escalates in 2022 as more than 2.5% of websites consider it for website development.

It uses single-threaded loop, event-driven, non-blocking input-output, asynchronous processes. Also, it uses a single codebase for both server-side and client-side and is majorly used by businesses to avoid the tedious process of inter-silo dependencies.

Besides, it is also used by most top-notch tech giant companies such as Netflix and Reddit. Undoubtedly, NodeJS is an insanely popular and in-demand back-end language used for backend development. Let’s decode it

The Working of NodeJS

NodeJS is an ideal combination of frontend and backend technologies. It utilizes Javascript, a front-end scripting language to seamlessly run on back-end and server-side web applications.

In addition, NodeJS runs within its runtime resulting in making it quite efficient and lightweight with a non-blocking I/O, package manager for easy development of applications. NPM or package manager is an index of libraries that was developed by the NodeJS community

What kinds of Applications work best with NodeJS?

NodeJS can be used to make different kinds of applications. Here’s a list of applications that work best with this emerging technology:

1. Fast applications

It’s essential to know the size of the product for a better understanding of the technology stack and which would work the best. NodeJS is quite a dynamic and efficient technology stack that is perfect to build scalable and fast applications.

Real-time applications that involve instant messaging can be developed with NodeJS as it has synchronization capability making it ideal for building event-based applications.

2. Serverless

NodeJS is a highly flexible technology and is the best for developing serverless and microservice applications.

Serverless architecture is always high in demand as it helps in minimizing computing costs by utilizing the resources that are required by applications to run.

3. Audio Processing

When compared to other technology stacks, NodeJS is far better and more efficient at managing asynchronous input and output. It can also be used to manage multimedia data when combined with external media tools.

4. IoT

NodeJS stands out from other technologies in managing and handling multiple connections at one go. IoT is based on multiple devices resulting in easy sharing and sending of messages.

Also, it’s considered an ideal backend technology for developing these applications as it offers real-time communication support and serverless architecture.

The bright side of using NodeJS

Nodejs Development Companies like Infowind Technologies have seen an exponential increase in the ease of development because of it’s following features

1. Cost-efficient

The best part about using NodeJS is its cost-effectiveness and smaller memory footprint than the Java servers or PHP.

The server works in an event-driven loop resulting in saving a large amount of RAM and eventually software resources.

2. Fast development

NodeJS is quite easy to use and learn a language. It’s far easier to develop new products and launch into the market. Hence, the need to rely on engineering resources is reduced.

3. Scalability

The services can easily break down into seamless processes resulting in allowing several teams to work on it.

This backend technology is based on a V8 engine enabling the development of websites or web applications.

4. Caching

Caching results in fast loading of websites resulting in enhanced and better user experience. NodeJS also supports caching, eliminating the dire need to re-execute.

Top 3 apps developed with NodeJs

Top 3 apps developed with NodeJS


NASA is quite a renowned organization. It decided to pivot into NodeJS as it earlier faced long access time and insufficient data storage.

Hence, this incident resulted in making a prompt decision to shift the data into a cloud database to cut down on the access time.

What benefit did NodeJS add?

1. The access time increased by 200% allowing users to easily and seamlessly access the information in a quicker time than waiting for long hours.

2. NASA also shifted its databases and made them more accessible through APIs iCloud.

3.  The number of steps with the database got reduced from 25 to 7 with NodeJS.

2. PayPal

PayPal is a prominent company in online payment with more than 350 million accounts.

Earlier, the company witnessed some technicalities as Java didn’t get along well with the front-end development.


What benefit did NodeJS add?

1. NodeJS enabled the developers to build NodeJS-based applications conveniently.

2.  There was a huge decrease in the response time resulting in less loading time.

3.  The number of user requests per second got more with NodeJS.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known to be one of the largest social media platforms which is quite popular for business networking and has more than 400 million users

Earlier, the company rigorously relied on Ruby on Rails but it turned out to be a bummer and filled with bugs resulting in a long loading time. Hence, the company shifted its reliance to NodeJS resulting in a massive increase in speed.


What benefit did NodeJS add?

1. LinkedIn architecture is based on Javascript. It breaks down the client-server interactions.

Besides, with NodeJS the number of servers got reduced and traffic capacity increased.

NodeJS Trends in 2023

1. GraphQL

When the MERN stack is combined with NodeJS-generated code, it can be used by developers to build diverse yet dynamic websites.

If we go with other technology stacks besides NodeJS, developers have to constantly switch between different frameworks and languages resulting in more tedious processes and complex projects.

On the contrary, GraphQl is an API language. It’s explicitly used for data manipulation and query generation.

The data exposure and the querying system can be integrated well with the help of the server middleware.

2. Real-Time Applications

The demand for real-time applications has spiked lately. In fact, companies do integrate NodeJS into real-time functionality and mobile applications to improve customer experiences and boost engagement.

The enhanced user engagement and high speed also make NodeJS one of the most in-popular and in-demand languages.

Social media integration, ad server presence, stock exchange, and chatbot media works great with this platform.

Real-time applications work better to enhance the user experience. In addition, the backend modules in NodeJS applications result in a seamless application run.

3. IoT

IoT applications are built on NodeJS. In fact, it’s mostly preferred by developers to develop mobile apps.

The incorporation of modules into NodeJS apps improves the data analyzer along with the real-time functionality in IoT-based applications.

In addition, IoT apps consume fewer resources and have active memory and trackable geographical orientation characteristics.

4. Microservices

Microservices carry tons of benefits when it comes to debugging and performance by breaking down the components of applications into separate services.

NodeJS makes working with microservices easier and enables serverless architecture for better facilitation of development.

5. Serverless architecture

NodeJSserverless architecture is popularly known for its high effectiveness as it minimizes the dire need to maintain servers for app developments.

A serverless architecture reduces heavy reliance on hardware and servers and results in minimized development costs.

Besides, it also enhances code flexibility and quality. The app developers can achieve enhanced code quality with serverless architecture.

In addition, it also helps to improve flexibility and enhance productivity by saving money and time. It also facilitates app development by allowing the reusability of code modules.

1. Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a prominent NodeJS web development company. The company offers a wide range of services involving NodeJS web development services, web application development, outsourcing product development, enterprise app development, and offshore development center.

In addition, the company ensures that processes and flexibility are present to meet the persistent changing requirements of the customers.

2. Infowind Technologies

Infowind is a leading NodeJs Development Company with expertise in developing feature-rich, scalable NodeJS applications by incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies.

The vetted team of skilled NodeJS developers has in-depth knowledge about the technology, resulting in innovative and robust applications that meet business requirements. You too may Hire NodeJs Developers that will equip you with the crunchy apps developed.

3. Affle

Affle is a renowned NodeJS web development company that primarily emphasizes customer engagement through the medium of technology.

Besides, the company is also into enterprise and consumer mobile app design, PHP, MEAN stack, cloud infrastructure, MeteorJS, mobile app development, iPhone application development, and Android application development.

4. eTatvasoft

eTatvasoft is a mobile development company that explicitly focused on offering qualitative, high-performing services.

The company has a team of dedicated experts who are dedicated to working on different technical and open-source projects such as website development by utilizing technologies such as NodeJS, PHP, Angular, and Laravel.

In addition, it also includes developing mobile apps, CMS, e-commerce, WordPress front-end design, enterprise web applications, and CRM.

5. Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is a NodeJS web development company that offers a plethora of services such as mobile design, cross-platform development, mobile QA, connected design, IoT, augmented reality, roadmap consulting, conversational design, testing, and deployment.

6. Robosoft Technology

Robust is a NodeJS web development company that offers services such as Ui/UX services, application development, design strategy, digital advisory, and maintenance. Also, it has strong expertise in augmented reality, blockchain, and chatbots.


App developers can make the best use of NodeJS for developing high-performing applications in quite less time.

Also, it does multitasking at a faster pace resulting in easy development of applications.

The best part about NodeJS is its innate ability to help developers manage several tasks in one go without compromising on quality.

In addition, NodeJS facilitates developers in the better adaptation of programs to reach more audiences and is the notable reason why most web app development companies pick it.

The array of benefits, capabilities, and features makes it the go-to tool for app developers when considering developing efficient applications for the long-term. Besides, it’s an ideal platform to smoothly integrate real-time functionality with the increase in the development process.


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