After already discussing the manifold benefits of WordPress in website development, it’s time to explore Joomla, another open-source Content Management System and know its pros over WordPress and Drupal. Primarily WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are written in PHP and have customization capabilities. The modularity and extensibility have enabled CMS to be widely used by the developers nowadays. But which CMS shall be chosen for the development of your website is a big question. If you’ve browsed a lot of websites looking for the satisfactory answer, then here it is- Joomla web development services!

Why choose Joomla for website Development?

  • Joomla! Yes, this word has been conferring a lot of awards over the years. Joomla acquires a position in between the two technologies WordPress and Drupal in terms of use, being neither so easy-to-use as WordPress nor requires a vast knowledge for development as Drupal.
  • Joomla has a clean core API.
  • It is feature-rich and is the best website development tool to create scalable websites.
  • The powerful aspect viz. Joomla theme customization gives you a lot of freedom to customize your theme and add-ons.
  • Joomla websites are responsive as the turnaround time taken to load them is lesser as compared to other websites.
  • The cost-effectiveness is the key reason that allows the customers to rely on Joomla.
  • Although core-installation of Joomla is free but the most of the Joomla extensions and widgets are cost-involved, allowing you to choose unique features that are otherwise too common in WordPress websites because of the free availability.
  • The out-of-the-box capacity of Joomla websites makes them versatile and agile.
  • Joomla supports multilingual websites making it a priority why customers are willing to choose Joomla to develop their websites.
  • When compared to Drupal, the server utilization of Joomla is more.
  • Talking about the security issues, Joomla websites are less vulnerable to attacks and if a website is attacked, the Joomla webmasters are quite proactive to resolve them for you.

These bullets are a lot to impress any customer to choose Joomla platform for their website development.

The world of Joomla Web Development

Till date, Joomla has been downloaded 93,000,000 times! This huge figure indicates the popularity of Joomla websites. The industries using Joomla for their websites are-

  • Large scale and small scale industries.
  • Banks and financial institutes.
  • Corporates portals and websites.
  • Government Organisation and non-government organizations.
  • Online e-Commerce business.
  • Residential and commercial websites
  • Personal websites, publishings or articles websites etc.

The concerned performance of Joomla is gaining high reputation over other technologies.

Although it is not a nice idea to put WordPress, Joomla and Drupal on a table of comparison as every CMS carry the rich-features for the development with itself. But describing a few points to decide one out of the three is not a bad idea indeed. Even though WordPress websites are easy-to-develop and user-friendly, it is not scalable to the data model. Also, WordPress is mainly a blogging website but with its plugins and extensions, the developers are using it as developing a platform. The Drupal websites are mainly designed for large enterprise or where a heavy traffic is generated to the websites and its installation requires advanced knowledge. And jumping to Joomla, chances that you’ve read the above content, you already know about it. So comparing the three CMS, Joomla definitely wins the race.

Now when you’ve decided about developing the website using Joomla, hiring the best Joomla web developers for the websites is another task that needs to be hit. Partner with the best Joomla website development company and let your products be unique, developed with the best configurations. Joomla theme customization, Joomla application development, Joomla website development, Joomla portal development etc. are the services that you should look for in a software development company for your Joomla development.

Get started by designing and developing your website with the best Joomla website development company.